Brand Sylvania by Ledvance
Bulb Base Type E26 Medium
Color Temperature 2700 Kelvin
Lumens Count 2000
Lifespan Up to 11, 000 hours
Style Soft White
Wattage 8.5 watts

The First one is the SYLVANIA A19 Light Bulb on our list, which has a lumen strength of 2000 and is also called a high lumen count bulb for outdoor. The bulb can save you lots of energy because, at 8.5 watts, it emits 800 lumens bright light output and will significantly save your energy. The A19 by SYLVANIA is an excellent bulb for outdoor security. You only have to fit it on a holder because the bulb can last for ten years. The SYLVANIA GENERAL A19 bulb can brighten your outdoor area and also can be used for indoor purposes like household or office. The A19 bulb is non-dimmable and has an operating temperature of -20 to +40 °C with a color temperature of 2700 kelvin. The A19 light bulb spreads white color soft light, which is excellent for your nightstand, rooms, outdoor, etc. If you want an LED bulb for a great dinner in cold winter weather, then the SYLVANIA bulbs are best because of their 2700k warm white light. The bulb's total lifespan is 11 000 hours which makes them perfect for outdoor and indoor usage. The A19 can substitute a regular 60-watt light bulb, and a lot of your electric energy can easily so, that's why we recommend it as the best outdoor light bulb for cold weather because you can use it for outdoor purposes non-stop.

Bulb Rating: 9/10

  • Bulb will save your energy.
  • 2000 Luminous Flux.
  • Lasts upto 11,000 hours.
  • Bulb is non-dimmable.
  • -20 °C to +40 °C.Temperature.
  • Low durability for long life span.

SANSI 2000 Lumens Light Bulbs

Color Temperature 5000K
Bulb Socket Base E26 Medium
lifespan 22. 8 years
Lumens 2000
Wattage 18 watts
Style Led bulb, A21 shape
Color Clear

The second is the Sansi LED bulb which has a socket base of E26 for easy installation on the bulb holders, ceiling light fixtures, pendant fixtures, bare lamp sockets, etc. The Sansi bulb hollow-out design looks very premium, and its body is mainly designed for better heat dissipation to maintain temperature for long-time bulb usage. You can use the Sansi outdoor light bulb for a long lifetime of up to 22.8 years. The Sansi bulbs are made of three core technology and also have strong wear resistance. The water resistivity of the bulb is perfect, and at the outdoor places, there will be no rain effect on it. The bulb ceramic chips plan provides customize light effectiveness performance and the pre-installed integrated circuit control output voltages, so that's why the bulb ideally saves you electricity. This Sansi company bulb is fully designed to perfection with a CRI of 80+ (CR180+) with a lumen intensity of 2000, which is a very high lumen strength. This outdoor bulb light will never flick and also never produce a buzzing sound. So, overall the SANSI 18W bulb will provide you good light output for both indoor or outdoor and in cold winter weather.

Blub Rating: 8/10

  • Color temperature of 5000K.
  • 150W replacement bulb.
  • Brilliant light output.
  • High flux lumen 2000.
  • No flicker led light.
  • No UV radiation.
  • Very easy to install.
  • Non-Dimmable led bulb.
  • No buzz.
  • No instruction book.

Westinghouse Lighting PAR38 Flood Dimmable

Brand Westinghouse Lighting
Color Temperature 3000 Kelvin
Bulb Socket Base E26 Medium
Lifespan 25,000 avg. rated hours
Lumens Count 1350 Lumen
Wattage 15 watts
Style White Body
Color Clear

The third is Westinghouse Lighting PAR38 which is 18 watts and provides impressive white light output with a 1350 lumen flux brightness. The appearance of its brightest light is 3000K and comes with a fully protected design body, and any dust and water cannot affect it. This lightweight outdoor bulb looks pretty durable and instantly fits a holder or any ceiling light fixtures. The bulb turns on very fastly because of a firmly integrated circuit installed on it. For outdoor purposes, the bulb can easily survive on rainy days and cold winter nights and spread a White Light, which is perfect for home protection on cold winter nights. The PAR38 is made in China, and its manufacturer designed this bulb for both indoor and outdoor purposes and also, its bright light makes your indoor beautiful. The energy savings are equal to cost-saving, and Westinghouse Lighting is a cost-saving white bulb that saves your energy. Moreover, the PAR38 energy saver has outstanding durability. Team Technikaya will suggest you use it outdoors because more bright light will protect your home in cold winter seasons, so our comment for PAR38 is the best outdoor light bulb for cold weather.

Bulb Rating: 8/10

  • Last for 25,000 hours.
  • 1350 lumen flux.
  • The design seems fantastic and has an IP65 rating.
  • Saves your 83% of energy.
  • The brightest light of 3000k.
  • Sometimes bulb makes a strange noise.

Bioluz LED GU10 LED

Brand Bioluz Led
Color Temperature 3000K - Halogen Appearance
Bulb base Fits great
lifespan Long time
Wattage 50 Watts
Lumens 350 Lumen
Style GU10
Color Great

The Fourth is the Bioluz GU10 which has an entirely aluminum constructed design body that provides brilliant heat resistivity for longer life. The bulb 3000K color temperature brightness is supreme for an outdoor security light and ideal for dim and non-dim-able fixtures. The Bioluz bulb has a 350-lumen flux count, which in comparison with Westinghouse and SANSI bulbs, is less but not an issue. The GU10 cold weather bulb has a crisp, bright light and is best for those areas that receive limited light at night. The Bioluz led light turns on instantly and does not take any time to provide warm light compared to the other bulbs, which take time for their full brightness potential. There is no difficulty bulb fitting in the holder because the Bioluz bulb G is easy to fit on any fixture you want. The bulb will provide you halogen experience as it has a 3000k color temperature perfect for indoor and outdoor use, so overall, it is the best outdoor light bulb for cold weather night.

Bulb Rating: 7/10

  • Fully aluminum constructed design.
  • 3000 K Halogen Appearance.
  • Energy Saving.
  • Soft led lights.
  • Low Lumen flux.

Govee Smart Sensor LED Light Bulb

Brand Govee
Temperature 2700k color temperature
Bulb base E26
Lifespan 30,000 hours lifetime
Lumens 800 Lumen
Wattage 9 watts
Style Classic

The Fifth is Govee Dusk to Dawn Light Bulb, which is has a 2700k color temperature that can easily save your 90 percent of energy. These Govee bulbs are specially made for outdoor usage, and you can use them for lamps, security lights, etc. As compared to our first four listed outdoor bulbs, it comes with an excellent sensor for auto ON/OFF LEDs with a smart light sensor so when night appears, the smart bulb sensor will automatically detect and turn on the light, and also in the morning light, the led bulb smart sensor will automatically turn off the light. In Gove dusk bulbs, the tremendous photonic sensors are builds on it, which provides accent lighting. With standard E26 socket type, the bulb installation is straightforward; also, you will get some screws in the holder. The bulb is less than 35 lux, and when it is less than 15 lux at night, the bulb will automatically turn on. This Dusk to Dawn bulb is 9 watts and has a total lumen count of 800, which is a warm white light color that is perfect for you and will also save your energy, so, overall, it is the best long-life outdoor light bulb for cold weather.

Bulb Rating: 7.5/10

  • Adopted latest LED technology.
  • Energy Saving bulb.
  • Auto On/Off LED Bulb.
  • 2700 Kelvin temperature color.
  • Non flicking led light.
  • Automatically turn on at night.
  • Equivalent to 70W traditional blub.
  • Longer Lifetime.
  • Sensor might problem sometimes.

Great Eagle A19 UL Listed Bulb

Brand Great Eagle Lighting Corporation
Temperature Cool White
Bulb base A19
lifespan 15,000 hours
Lumens 750 Lumen
Wattage 9 watt
Style Classic
Color Temperature 4000K

The sixth one is the Great Eagle A19 bulb, which provides excellent white light with an incredible 4000K color, which seems perfect. The A19 LED bulb is superior as compared to CFL and incandescent technology lights. Its build-in integrated circuit makes it an instant responsive bulb, is reliable for indoor and outdoor usage and saves your power. The A19 light is a safety-certified bulb that comes in proper design and can easily fit in all types of fixtures and has installing process is super easy, and only you have to screw it in a fixture, and there is no need for wire, cable, or any other thing. The Eagle A19 has a cool white light with a lumen count of 750. The A19 is of 9-Watt, and for tables or floor lamps, the bulb is reliable. The A19 bright bulb lifespan is very long, and up to 15,000 hours can survive without any technical problem and overall it is the best outdoor light bulb for cold weather.

Bulb Rating: 9/10

  • The UL Listed Bulb.
  • Instant On led bulb.
  • True A19 size.
  • High quality led lighting.
  • 4000K White color temperature.
  • Not buzz or flicker.
  • Sometimes flick or make noise etc.

Philips LED Frosted A19

Brand Philips Lighting
Color Temperature 2700-Kelvin
Bulb base type E26
lifespan 10,950 hours
Lumens count 800 lumen
Wattage 10 watts
Style A19
Color Soft White

The seventh is the Philips A19 Frosted Light Bulb which cannot be compared with incandescent bulbs because it takes less power consumption as compared to incandescent led bulbs and saves your 90 percent energy. The Philips bulb provides soft white light and has a Kelvin color temperature is 2700k, and it also can fit in a bedside lamp, desk lamp, etc. Its non-dim-able light will not have any effect on your eyes, and you always feel comfortable. This Philips A19 bulb has a stable light with non-flicking, and lovely shades of the white led light. The bulb is free of mercury and provides you comfortable lighting, and like other led bulbs, it is also an energy saver and saves you power up to 70 percent. The primary use of this bulb is for homes, offices, rooms only for indoor purposes. Team Technikaya will recommend the Philips A19 bulb only for in-house use because, for outdoor security light, the bulb seems not durable.

Bulb Rating: 8.2/10

  • Equivalent of 60-watt incandescent bulb.
  • Clearer and crisper light quality.
  • Designed specifically for indoor use.
  • Bulbs do not make noise.
  • CRI value of 80.
  • Size and shape of a regular bulb.
  • Light is briite enough.
  • Bulb not contain mercury.
  • Technical default may occur.

Kasa Smart KL120

Brand TP-Link
Color Temperature Soft white (2500 k) , bright light (5000 K)
Bulb base E27
Lifespan Very Long
Lumens 800 Lumen
Wattage 10 watts
Style A19 Tunable White
Color Soft white,bright light

The eighth is Kasa Smart Light, a TP-LINK dimmable smart led bulb that provides great Tunable White light. The Kasa bulb has immigrated with amazon ALEXA and Google assistance and has a dimmable range down to 1 percent, which is excellent. The main benefit of Kasa light is that you do not require a hub; you only have to buy it and get started. This outdoor TP-LINK bulb is straightforward in installation, and the bulb connectors are the same as the other led bulbs connectors on the market. The Kasa bulb is made of white plastic and has an excellent texture, making it the perfect outdoor smart bulb for cold weather. People who want to access and control bulbs through their mobile devices can install KASA Android Application.

How To Connect Kasa Smart Light Bulb With Mobile Device

  • Install KASA Application in your android and IOS device.
  • Create an account and login into the KASA Smart Application.
  • Now come to the screen where it says “Devices.”
  • On the top right corner of your mobile device, you find + button.
  • Press the Add button and then select Add Device.
  • Once the device comes up, you have to scroll down and find the smart light option.
  • Make sure the Kasa light bulb is Power On.

Bulb Rating: 8/10

  • Excellent white light.
  • Wi-Fi light bulb.
  • No need of hub or extra equipment.
  • Simple voice commands to control Alexa google.
  • Easy to connect with Kasa smart app.
  • Perfect for outdoor purposes.
  • Not sealed fixtures.

LOHAS Bug Light Bulb

Color Temperature 2000 kelvin
Bulb Base E26 Standard Base
lifespan 30000 hours
Lumens 450
Wattage 40 Watts
Style Modern
Color Amber

The ninth is the LOHAS Bug light bulb, an excellent value non-dimmable bulb, and you can use it for long time usage up to 30000 hours of life. The LOHAS is a money-saving bulb that provides impressive bright yellow light, and for outdoor and dark winter nights, the bulb can way you bright. The LOHAS led bulb is 5-watt and has a lumen flux count up to 450 with an E26 Base socket that can comfortably fit in any fixtures. This bulb by Lohas has a color temperature of 2000 kelvin, which seems elegant amber yellow light and also is free of lead or mercury. So, overall the bulb can be used for both indoor/outdoor and as a Security Light for homes.

Bulb Rating: 7/10

  • Non-dimmable Led bulb.
  • Size xmas tree light.
  • 2000 kelvin color temperature.
  • Indoor and outdoor usage.
  • 30000 hours of life.
  • Fits in all fixtures.
  • Durable bulb.
  • Never emits ultraviolet rays.
  • Free from lead and mercury.
  • Technical problems may occur.

Boxlood Motion Activated

Brand Boxlood
Color Temperature 6000 Kelvin
Bulb base E26 Medium Screw base
lifespan Long
Lumens 1000 lumen
Wattage 12W bulb
Style Classic
Color Cold White light

The tenth bulb on our list has many unique features (motion sensor). The BOXWOOD bulb comes with an automatic detects motion feature and will automatically turn on the light when it detects any movement around 20 feet sensor range and makes it perfect for outdoor security lights on the darkest night. The BOXLOOD led bulb is 12 Watt, has 1000 lumen flux counts, and is also replaceable with a 100W halogen bulb. The BOXWOOD Smart Dusk to Dawn Sensor will automatically turn it Off on daylight. You can quickly fit Boxwood light in any fixture you want and can be used for Indoor, Yard, Driveway, Front-door, Outdoor, Backdoor, Storage Room, Stairs, Courtyard, etc.

Bulb Rating: 7.8/10

  • Great price point.
  • Nice sensitivity motion.
  • Replaceable to 100W halogen bulb.
  • Very Bright white light.
  • 20 feet sensor range.
  • Motion-sensing light bulb.
  • Automatically turn of in daylight.
  • Future Technical issue may occur.

Comzler Candelabra Light Bulb

Brand Comzler
Color Temperature 5000 Kelvin
Bulb Base Standard American E12 Candelabra
lifespan 30,000 hours
Lumens 600
Wattage 6 watts
Style Modern
Color Daylight

The eleventh is the Comzler 6 Watt outdoor bulb which has a Modern style light with 5000K of color temperature and 600-lumen flux. The Comzler bulb is made of plastic and aluminum material which seems much durable and has a screw base of standard American E12 candelabra, and you can fit in many types of fixtures very efficiently. The Comzler light bulb provides proper safety to you and your respective family because it does not include lead, UV, Mercury, etc. This energy-saving bulb will save you 60 percent of energy, and in the 85V-265V AC range, the bright light bulb can efficiently work so. Overall, Comzler will relay perfectly for your outdoor security usage.

Bulb Rating: 8/10

  • 600 lumen flux.
  • The Modern style light bulb.
  • Emits bright light.
  • Not include lead, UV, Mercury.
  • Saves your 90% energy.
  • Provides proper safety.
  • May issue occur.