Elikliv Video Capture Card

Bandwidth 360MB/S transmission
Strong Compatibility Windows10,7,8, Linux Ubuntu
Manufacturer Elikliv
Connectivity USB3.0
Interface High-speed

The first one is the Elikliv USB review, and this one is an HDMI capture card with USB3.0 high-speed interface, and its bandwidth transmission is 360MB/S. The capture card supports 1080P 60fps high-definition video recording and streaming, and you need software like OBS for video recording. The Elikliv streaming card comes with HDMI-In and HDMI-Out options. For earphone audio input/output, the capture card has Line-In and Mic-In and earphone ports and can easily connect with microphones, headphones, speakers, gaming headsets, etc. The connectivity is effortless of this capture card and is very easy and straightforward to use and also, you will like it because there is no need for an adapter to use with it.

The Elikliv capture card is very versatile and reliable, and in price, it is cheap, and the picture quality is good for the price. You will not get any latency or lags while streaming because the Elikliv capture card will give you a latency and lag-free experience. This video capturing card is elementary to connect, and there is no need to download any kind of driver, and it comes with a true PnP and plugs & plays capture card. The card has extreme compatibility and can efficiently work with most streaming software like OBS and also supports HDCP Protocol decoding, so, in the budget, it is a cheap capture card for switch.

  • Support up to 1080P.
  • HD video streaming.
  • Zero-latency capture card.
  • Suitable for Creators.
  • Avoid driving and host.
  • True PnP, plug, and play.
  • Live Streaming and Recording.
  • Console game playing connection.
  • Tricky Recording gameplay from Xbox.

Y&H Gaming Capture Card

Interface True USB 3.0
Video Audio Input
Compatible System Windows, Mac OS x, Linux
Live Streaming OBS studio, Potplayer and VLC
Video Conferencing Zoom, Skype, WebEx, BlueJeans
Video Recording Yes, At 60Hz

The second is the Y&H HDMI capture card with a 1080P HDMI Recorder that can capture games and videos up to1080P and save recordings to a USB drive or HDD. The bad thing about the Y&H hd60 capture card is that it doesn't support live streaming, doesn't work with OBS studio or other streaming software, and does not work with laptop directly. It only records display and sends it to HDD or USB flash drive and supports a USB up to 128 GB and HDD up to 2 TB and only supports 3.5mm TRS headset. It has a button used as a one-touch record and does not record a party chat, and only works with HDMI devices. But the positive thing is its image quality, which is excellent. The card is perfect, but the main point is that it cannot work for streaming purposes, and you can only use it for video recordings. You can connect the microphone for voice recording, which has a 3.5mm TRS audio jack only, and after plugging the Mic with a capture card, you can record your voice during playing games. The capture card has zero Latency Low HDMI, and you can enjoy 1080P 30fps video quality undoubtedly. It records pc video only and will record no audio. If you are looking for a capture card for display recordings, you can purchase this cheap capture card for switch.

  • No driver required.
  • Record and live stream.
  • HDMI Game Capture.
  • Don't need any adapter.
  • Live RTMP streaming card.
  • Easily connect with DSLR.
  • Phone/DSLR camera convert to Webcam.
  • Audio stuttering sometimes.

Acodot Capture Card

HDMI Output Yes TV, Monitor, Projector
Compatible Devices HDMI input only (Play Station, Xbox, Wii, Nintendo Switch)
System Requirements Windows, OS 10.13,Linux
Software compatibility OBS Studio, Potplayer

Next is the Acodot capture card, which works perfectly for Nintendo Switch and also works with OBS studio software. The capture card is compatible with many operating systems, and you can also do live streams smoothly without any kind of driver to install. The capture card is compatible with all third-party softwares and is very easy to use, and is a perfect plug-and-play capturing device for all operating systems like Mac, Linux, window, etc. The Acodot HDMI card has a signal loop-out feature, which will provide you with the best experience. You will enjoy the fun during video recordings. It is compatible with OBS studio and pot player, etc. The capture can comfortably work with PS4, PS5, Xbox 360 and gives the user a real-time preview for ideal video recording. If we compare the Acodot capture card with Elikliv USB 3.0, then the best buying guide is Elikliv in performance.The Acodot card will give you a lag-free experience, and you will get the best quality streaming. Every streamer needs a capture card that is very easy to use and connect, so this one is providing the same quality which streamers want so; if you are looking for a card like Acodot, then it is the best cheap capture card for switch.

  • Work for Nintendo Switch.
  • Upgraded Capture Card.
  • HD HDMI video signal.
  • No Latency HDMI Loop Out.
  • Universal HDMI Design.
  • No driver required.
  • No external power supply required.
  • Audio input issues.

UCEC Usb 2.0 Video Capture Card

Resolution 4K@30Hz
Output max resolution 1920×1080P @60Hz
Host Interface USB3.0
Output/Input Interface HDMI and Micphone
Frame Rate 25/29.97/30/50/59.94/60 FPS
Audio/Video capture UVC and UAC
Software Compatibility OBS Studio ,Windows Media Encoder etc
Stronger Compatibility PS5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

The fourth is the UCEC capture card which is a USB 3.0 HDMI Video capturing card which has a USB 3.0 Cable. You can record videos in full high definition quality up to 1080p, and it allows you are inputting a 4K 30fps HDMI signal, and you can also share the screen for online meetings, etc. The card is plug and play device, and there is no need to install any kind of driver to play this device. You only have to connect this device and start recording your screen in the best quality. The UCEC capture card supports live video streams, Facebook lives, live broadcasting, video recordings and has a 10x faster USB than USB 2.0 has high-speed USB 3.0 technology. The UCEC card comes with the latest audio mixing technology, which gives you the best audio experience. If you are a streamer and finding a low price capture card for switch, you can go with this card.

  • It has a USB 3.0 Cable.
  • High Frame Rate Recording.
  • 60Fps video recordingS
  • Easily connect with action cam.
  • Full-High Definition video.
  • Zero-Lag Passthrough.
  • High-Speed Data Transfer.
  • Mic-in for Commentary.
  • Best fishing live streaming.
  • USB 3.0 Fast Transmission Speed.
  • Easily connect your DSLR.
  • May issue occur.

ACEMAX HDMI Capture Card

Storage Media USB Flash Disk, Portable Hard Disk
Record Formats Video AVI MP4
Audio AAC Stereo
Record Quality Max 30fps
Record File Max 2GB/file
Record Efficiency Max 140MB/minute, 8.4GB/hour
Power Supply DC 5V 2A

The fifth is the ACEMAX capture card which captures your display up to 1080P. It is the same as the Y&H capture card because it also not supports streaming. You simply have to plug in a USB flash drive to get the video anywhere. It supports USB up to 128 G and a hard disk drive up to 2 TB USB 2.0 only. It works with a 3.5mm three-section microphone headset and is straightforward to use and adjusted simply and easy to operate. It has a one-touch option for handling recordings. The card is easy to connect with the Nintendo switch. The card cannot record online web games on a PC, and you need a power supply DC 5V 2A to use it. The record efficiency of the ACEMAX capture card is Max 140MB/minute, 8.4GB/hour. After recording videos, it saves the video in format AVI MP4, and the audio type is AAC Stereo. If you find this type of capture card for only recordings, you can buy it and use it, and if you want a capture card with a streaming option, you can also go with the Y&H HDMI cheap capture card for switch.

  • Mic-in for commentary.
  • Extra audio inputs.
  • Easy to operate.
  • 1080P one-touch recording.
  • Broad Applications.
  • Doesn't support live streaming.