Sony SSCS3 3-Way Floor-Standing Speaker

Bass Reflex Yes
Frequency Response 45~50,000 Hz
Sensitivity 88dB (2.83V, 1m)
Maximum Input 145W
Woofer Two 130mmMRC Cone Type
Super Tweeter One 19mm Soft Dome Type
Tweeter One 25mm Soft

First Sony SSCS3 review and this affordable tower speaker has excellent bass reflex. The SSCS3 speaker comes with a brilliant soft dome-type three-inch tweeter and one-inch tweeter and has dome-type 5-1/4 inch woofers for a fantastic frequency range.

The 145 watts is the total wattage output of the Sony SSCS3 speakers and 6-ohm radiate appearance. The speaker’s range frequency is between 45 kHz to a maximum of 50 kHz, which is excellent for high-resolution audio.

If you take a closer look at these speakers, you will elegant speaker design and are perfectly shaped as floor standing speakers. On the speaker’s front body design, you will feel soft black mesh material.

If you want to attach speaker wires, then on the back, you will see two red and black holes, and you have to compress them for plugging the cables.

These Sony tower speakers' total height is over 36 inches with 9 inches width and has quarter ten depth.

The four footpads on the bottom will protect these floor standing speakers and make a perfect balance for perfectly standing speakers on the floor.

Overall the speakers are designed tremendously and will provide you with incredible bass and a real audio experience. The Sony SSCS3 is the best floor standing speaker for under 500 dollars.

  • Great cabnet material.
  • High-density MDF.
  • Coated in black vinyl.
  • Natural sounding vocals.
  • Mica Reinforced Cellular cone.
  • Gives High-Resolution Audio.
  • Foamed-Mica Reinforced Woofer.
  • Gives clear audio path.
  • On the backside of the speakers, there is too much space between the terminals.

AR1004WH Wall Powered Bluetooth Tower Speaker

Sound Quality Crisp And Loud
Input AUX 3.5mm Input
Charging USB output
Bluetooth Connectivity Yes
Wireless Connectivity Yes
Led Lights Mooding Lights
Speakers Count Four Dynamic Speakers
Measures 6, X6, X38

Second ART+SOUND speaker review and this Bluetooth-powered speaker featuring excellent quality sound and the lighting mood come with blue lighting effect, which seems very elegant.

This speaker comes with great Bluetooth technology, which makes it a wireless speaker, and without any trouble, you can connect your phone with speakers and enjoy your lovely sound.

The AR1004WH speaker body designed very slim and pure white painted body will perfectly match with your setup.

Using this Bluetooth Tower Speaker, you can stream online music from different kinds of music platforms like Spotify, youtube and iTunes, Pandora, etc.

It doesn't have only Bluetooth connectivity and has a wired input connection option, and you can also make a wired connection with a 3.5mm aux input.

You will find some great controlling options on the top of the speaker's body design, which will help you in switching the led light ON/OFF and volume control options.

For charging, the speaker has a USB- Charging option on the top and on the side of the charging port; you will also find AUX input.

In the price, these white color in-wall speakers will give brilliant quality sound and are the best floor standing speakers under 500.

  • Blue led mood lights.
  • Great crisp sound.
  • Brilliant Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Brilliant Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Dimly Lit chill session.
  • Elegant tower speaker Innovative design.
  • Four active speakers.
  • Turn On/Off light control.
  • Light weight speakers.
  • No treble.
  • No bass modification.

Polk Audio Series II Tower Speaker

Mounting Type Floor Standing
Manufacturer Polk Audio
Hight 42 H
Width 15.6 W
Depth 7.7 D
Dome Tweeter 1 Dynamic Balanced
Dynamic Balance woofers 6.5
Sound Crisp

Third is Polk Audio speaker review, and this series 2-speaker has great tower height, which is up to 43-1/4 tower height.

If we talk about depth and width, then its depth is 15-3/4 and width is 8-7/8, which makes perfect balance on the carpet and keeps the speakers steady.

On the Polk Audio speaker's height, you will see one dome-type balanced tweeter Installed, and down to it, you will find two balanced 5.25 woofers, which will give you rock-solid bass.

This tower speaker body design seems elegant, and also, it has black Oak vinyl pretty look.

This Polk CS2 speaker power consumption is 125 watts only, and for Powerful deep bass and quality sound, this Polk speaker is the best floor standing speaker under 500 dollars price.

There are also some other variants of Polk Audio speakers like Polk monitor 40, 60, CS1 in a different tag.

  • Excellent Crisp sound.
  • Great sound clarity.
  • No reverberating.
  • Immense Power.
  • Affordable Price.
  • High Frequency Response.
  • Magnetically Shielded.
  • Secure and Easy Connection.
  • Slim Body design.
  • Great Dynamic Balance Technology.
  • Not Instant Push of Amplifiers.

Pioneer SP-FS52 Floor Standing Speaker

Cabnet RF Molded Curved Cabinet
Woofers Three 5-1/4 structure surfaced
Tweeter One Soft Dome type
Crossover 8 Element Sophisticated
Power Handling 130 Watt
Manufacturer Pioneer
Model Name FBA_SP-FS52
Speaker Type Floorstanding

Next is the Pioneer SP-FS52 review, and this elegant floor-standing speaker gives you outstanding performance because it comes with one tweeter, which is of the soft dome and has very high efficiency.

The cabinet quality of Pioneer SP-FS52 is excellent, and it has a curve RF molded cabinet design. If we talk about the power input of SP-FS52, then this speaker takes 130W power input.

The woody body design is a perfect match for your wooden tables, and you can put this floor standing speaker anywhere on a flat surface you want because the body design can perfectly balance it.

For speaker plug, this Pioneer SP-FS52 is the same as other floor-standing speakers, and you will able to find a speaker plug on the bottom backside of this tower speaker. In price, this one is the best floor standing speakers under 500 dollars.

  • High Efficiency tweeter.
  • 8-Element elegant Crossover.
  • Quality RF Molded Curved Cabinets.
  • Best striking sound.
  • Best Taller Speaker.
  • Oversized magnets.
  • No bottom stand.
  • Sub is needed.

Onkyo SKF-4800

Woofer x 2 16 cm Cone
Tweeter 2.5 cm Soft-Dome
Maximum Input Power 130 W
Compatible Banana Plug
Woofer Equalizer Yes
MDF Stabilizer Yes
Frequency Response 55 Hz–35 kHz
Impedance 6 ohms
Weight 13.0 kg

Next is the Onkyo SKF-4800a review, and it is featuring 16 cm twin cone woofers for brilliant, striking sound. It has a 2.5 soften domed Tweeter for quality sound.

The SKF-4800a is listed in Stylish Floor-Standing speakers because it comes with an elegant black beautiful design.

Many speakers produce vibration on the loud sound, so the Onkyo company features this SKF-4800a speaker, the MDF stabilizer, to prevent vibration.

This speaker also includes a woofer equalizer, which will help provide fast and excellent sound accuracy.

The speaker frequency response is between 35 kHz to 55 Hz range with the 6 ohms of Impedance.

The connectivity of this speaker with home theatre is slightly different, and you have to pair it with a sub for home theatre; overall, the speakers’ connectivity is easy.

The ONKYO manufactured these floor standing speakers are brilliant in performance and are best floor standing speakers under 500 dollars.

  • It Enables Woofer Equalizer.
  • It Enables MDF Stabilizer.
  • Stylish FloorStanding Design.
  • 6 ohms Impedance.
  • 55 Hz 35 kHz frequency response.
  • The vinyls sound fantastic.
  • Excellent quality materials.
  • Massive speaker size.
  • Thunderous bass.
  • Best for both indoor and outdoor theater setup.
  • You need to pair this speaker with a sub when you use these speakers for home theater.

Samsung Wired Audio Sound Tower

Subwoofer Built In 6
Connectivity Bluetooth
Inputs Anynet + (HDMI-CEC) USB, Optical exectra
Remote Control Yes
Charging Yes
Design Sleek design body
Others Inch 350W (2.2 Ch)
Model Name TW-J5500
Brand Samsung Electronics
Speaker Type Subwoofer
HDMI Connectivity Yes
AUX Inputs Yes

Next Samsung TW-J5500 review and this Subwoofer type Wall Mount speaker presented by Samsung Electronics brand.

It includes six-inch Built-In subwoofers and enables Bluetooth connectivity, which will help you wirelessly connect these speakers with your mobile devices or laptop.

This Samsung floor-standing speaker makes connectivity super easy without the hassle of wires. The TW-J5500 speaker includes different types of inputs: Anynet + (HDMI-CEC), USB, Optical, etc.

This wall mount speaker comes with a pre-installed battery that gives you great backup after charging it fully. The Samsung TW-J5500 sleek design body seems an elegant and perfect match for you.

It also includes and enables the remote controlling feature for controlling the speakers and Stream audio properly.

The speakers also include an HDMI connectivity option and 2.2-Channel Sound for the enjoyment of full-range rich audio, and overall the TW-J5500 speaker is the best floor standing speaker under 500 price.

  • Rich and precise base.
  • 2-channel.
  • Remote control with battery.
  • Wirelessly connects with devices.
  • HDMI input and output.
  • Best horn tweeters.
  • Best woofers accuracy.
  • Plug and play.
  • Works with DISH remote.
  • Connected speakers together.
  • Connected fiber for sound.
  • Great crisp sound.
  • Not wall mounted.
  • Not Get Loud abundant.

Polk Audio T50 Floor Standing Speaker

Model Name T50
Brand Polk Audio
Sound clarity 24000 Hz
Speaker Type Surround Sound
Speakers Maximum 150 Watts
Speaker Use Floor Standing
Recommended Watts/Channel 20-100 Watts/Channel
Peak Power Handling 150 Watts
Nominal Impedance 6 ohms
Overall Frequency 38Hz-24kHz

Next is the Polk Audio T50 review, and as compared to other variants of Polk audio T30, this variant is much better and providing brilliant dynamic sound clarity up to 24000 Hz.

The T50 Polk Audio speakers listed in Surround Sound type speakers and T50 body design seem elegant. It comes with one pre-installed tweeter and two 6.5 bass radiators in the bottom of a tweeter.

The height of this Polk Audio T50 tower speaker is 36.5, which seems excellent. For speaker wire connectivity, you will find one pair of gold plated on the backside of the speaker's bottom. 150 Watts is the power out of Polk Audio T50 and its Nominal Impedance of 6 ohms and frequency 60 - 24,000 Hz response.

For small rooms and small bedrooms, these speakers are great, and you will get no connectivity issue will arise, and you can straightly use banana clips, speaker wire, and there is no required any kind of receiver at all.

The Polk Audio T50 gives puncher/deeper bass and is the best floor standing speakers under 500 dollars.

  • Has puncher/deeper bass.
  • High-frequency response.
  • Can sound muffled.
  • Doesn’t require a receiver.
  • Great high quality speakers.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Minimalistic look.
  • Easy to place due to size.
  • Great customer service.
  • Good build quality.
  • Sound decent for movies.
  • Heights are flat.
  • Bass response is ok.

Rockville TM80C Speakers

Frequency Response40-20K Hz
Model Name TM80C
Separation >45dB
Power supply AC 120V 60Hz
Max. SPL 106dB
RMS Power 200 Watts
Speaker Type Floor Standing, Subwoofer
Remote control Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Digital display Yes

Next is the Rockville TM80C review, and this floor standing speaker is brilliant. The subwoofer comes in a brown color design and has 31.9” Height, 12.99 Depth, and 6.3 Width.

We know very well about the oldest home theatre, which includes many devices like equalizer, subwoofer, speakers, wires, etc.

So, this Rockville TM80C speaker has finished the old theatre’s concept, and this modern theatre includes all-in-one build-in.

The TM80C is entirely made of thicker quality MDF and the best Cabinet material. On the top front body design, there are connecting inputs like RCA, USB, and SD, 3.5MM aux input, Mic inputs, RCA outputs, etc.

Rockville TM80C is featuring a remote controlling option, and when you’re relaxing on the bed, you can easily control this home theatre using a remote controller.

It also has a digital display, and you can also increase and decrease the brightness levels of the TM80C digital display. It is the best floor standing speakers under 500.

  • Dual 8 Subs.
  • Built in FM radio.
  • crystal clear reception.
  • deep bass response.
  • polypropylene cones.
  • Great bullet dust cap.
  • Best silk dome tweeters.
  • Front digital display screen with the brightness controller.
  • Four full range drivers.
  • Adjustable bass, treble.
  • 150 foot range capability.
  • The radio is decent.
  • The Cherry finish looks.
  • Bit Bluetooth quality.

Sony SS-CS3 Four Driver Speaker

Model Name SSCS3
Brand Sony
Speaker Type Floorstanding
Model Sony SSCS3 Stereo
Polyester tweeter One Inch
Super Tweeter ¾"
Peak power 145W
Speaker Impedance 6 Ohm
Sound Reproduction Up To 50 KHz
Foot Pads 4 x
Height 36 1/4" tall

Next is the Sony SS-CS3 review, and this black pair of Sony speakers seems durable. By taking a look at the SS-CS3 body design, which looks the same as other floor standing speakers but the only difference, you will get two pairs of black SS-CS3.

If we talk about Sony speaker Impedance which is the same as Polk Audio T50 Impedance of ohm. After buying this Sony speaker, the included polyester main tweeter is of one inch and ¾ inch super tweeter.

The peak power of the Sony SS-CS3 is 145W and has brilliant cabinet quality. Overall the Sony SS-CS3 are the best floor-standing speakers under $500.

  • Great compact design.
  • Designed for excellent performance.
  • .Ease of use.
  • 3 Way Speakers.
  • Amazing audio experience.
  • Super Tweeter System.
  • Speaker Delivers Ultra Responsive.
  • Loud amplifier.

Yamaha NS-F210BL

Type bass-reflex speaker
Woofers Dual 3-1/8" cone
Tweeter 7/8" balance dome
Frequency Response 50 Hz - 45 kHz
Nominal Input Power 40W
Sensitivity 86 dB
Impedance 6 ohms
Brand Yamaha Audio

Next, Yamaha NS-F210BL review and this Floorstanding powerful speaker look great in design and take output power of 120 Watts.

If you have a flat panel TV in your home, then you can buy Yamaha NS-F210BL speakers, which look elegant with flat-panel TVs due to their sleek and slim design.

The speakers have a pre-installed steel bass anchor for proper balance, which will continue making adequate balance.

For brilliant sound quality, the Yamaha NS-F210BL floor standing speakers come with a 7/8” inch dome tweeter and has a pre-installed Detachable front grille which can easily remove whenever you want.

If you love black color electronic devices, then Yamaha NS-F210BL is perfect for you because it has a brilliant piano black finish. Overall this is the best floor standing speakers under 500.

  • Elegant piano black finish.
  • Great speaker.
  • Large room speakers.
  • Good quality sound.
  • Attractive looking.
  • Excellent Slim body design.
  • Matches flat panel TVs.
  • Extra-fast response.
  • Light aluminum cones.
  • Balanced-dome design.
  • More loudness.

Yamaha NS-F150 Floor

Impedance 6 ohms
Sensitivity 88 dB/2.83 V/1 m
Maximum Input Power 180 W
Nominal Input Power 50 W
Frequency Response 37 Hz - 30 kHz
Tweeter 1" soft dome
Woofers Dual 6-1/2" cone
Type Bass-Reflex

Next are the Yamaha NS-F150 review and the floor standing speakers body looks Piano black mirror design which seems gorgeous.

It has the large NS-F150 cabinet, which has an excellent black finish and comes with the 6-1/2” cone woofer and single soft dome tweeters of 1 inch.

The Floor Standing speaker will give you outstanding HD audio quality and a Luxurious Presence. As compared to other listed floor speakers, the Yamaha NS-F150 has less frequency range which is up to 37 Hz - 30 kHz, and takes the input power of 180 W.

Its total width is 7-7/8 inch and has 40-1/2 inch height with a depth of 14-1/4 inches. It comes with great sensitivity of 88 dB/2.83 V/1 m with the 6 Ω Impedance and is the best floor standing speaker under $500.

  • Yamaha NS-F150 has Gold plated terminals of speaker.
  • Great sound experience.
  • Black mirror finish cabinet.
  • Removable speaker grill.
  • Brilliant Woofers and Tweeter.
  • Sound decent.
  • Suited for classical music.
  • Great Yamaha tower speakers.
  • Easy speakers connect.
  • Less louder than expected.

Dayton Audio T652-AIR Tower Speaker

Height 30 inches
Tweeter AMT Tweeter
Frequency 45 Hz
Model Name T652-AIR
Brand Dayton Audio
Speaker Type Floorstanding
Speaker Size 6.5 Inches
Woofers Dual 6-1/2"

Next is the Dayton Audio T652-AIR review and this Floorstanding speaker size 6.5 Inches with the size of the Dual woofer of 6-1/2” for a brilliant performance.

For accurate reproduction, the Audio T652-AIR comes with a brilliant 1” AMT tweeter installed inside the elegant Slim-profile tower cabinet.

You will get fully extended and deep bass which is up to 45 Hz. By the design comparison, the Dayton Audio T652-AIR has the same body design as the B652-AIR speaker.

It is 30 inches tall and is the best floor standing speakers under 500. Yamaha NS-F150 has Gold plated terminals of speaker.

  • Ported bass-reflex design.
  • deep bass to 45 Hz.
  • Slim profile tower cabinet.
  • AMT tweeter for smooth.
  • superb bass response.
  • Polypropylene cone drivers.
  • 2 way compact tower.
  • Spring loaded tower.
  • Black matt vinyl finish.
  • Removable speaker grill.
  • Not very loud.

Klipsch Reference Floorstanding Speakers

Color Black
Sensitivity 98 dB
Bass Response 18,000Hz
length 35 inches
Weight 64.1lbs
Type Floor standing speakers
Bluetooth No
Impedance 8 Ohm

Next is the Klipsch R-24F review, and like other listed floor standing speakers, this one has a greater impedance of 8 Ohm.

The speaker comes in a black design and has a full length of 35 inches of the front, and the total weight is 64.1lbs.

The exciting thing is Basic gold design speakers, which are installed inside the speaker cabinet and gives you a brilliant bass response of 18,000Hz and have an excellent speaker sensitivity of 98 dB. The Klipsch R-24F is the best floor-standing speaker under $500.

  • They are excellent speakers.
  • orange cones though.
  • speakers come with grills.
  • 1.3 mm Speaker Wire.
  • Impedance of 8 Ohm.
  • Includes bass reflect design.
  • Polymer veneer finish.
  • Full range sound.
  • Removable grill.
  • Loss handling at low base.