The article is about how to connect speakers to pc without amplifier. First, you must know whether your speakers are Active Speakers or Passive Speakers because the amplification method is fully based on this.

We mostly see passive speakers in the market. Using the passive speakers, you just need a single amplifier to power it. If you want to use passive speakers without an amp, read this informative article properly.

How to connect speakers to pc without amplifier?

Every personal computer must come with a built-in amplification system. If you want to attach the passive speakers to your pc without an amplifier, you must use your pc amplification system.

To connect the speakers with your PC amplifier, follow the steps below.

  • Correct the positions of your equipment.
  1. Speakers, PC (Personal Computer)
  2. Jack
  • Besides your personal computer, you have to place your speakers.
  • Before you connect passive speakers, you must fully turn-Off your Pc because some damage may occur due to pc power turn-on. 
  • Then you have to use a power socket and just plug your speakers into it to give power to the speakers, and you can also use any AC adaptor if you find it necessary.
  • Every PC must come 3.5mm RCA jack, which you will easily find on the back of your computer tower. In the audio source, you just have to plug the Jack.
  • Turn On your Pc.
  • Open volume setting.
  • Adjust the volume.
  • All done, and you just have to set all settings of volume adjustment, and for checking the speaker’s sound, you have to play the best song.

What are Active Speakers?

You can also say powered speakers, and the connectivity of these speakers is straightforward. This type of speaker comes with build-in-amplifiers, and you can directly connect these Speakers with the sound source and are very connection friendly with the other audio components.


  • Very Cleaner audio.
  • Sound inputs better optimization.
  • Less power consumption.
  • Highly flexible.
  • Both digital and analog signals.
  • Built-in power amplification.
  • It did not burn out the mixer.
  • For neater system production.
  • Enhance sound quality.


  • Can’t upgrade.
  • Can’t tweak amplification.
  • Much heavier than that of passive-type speakers.
  • Many expensive speakers.

What are passive speakers?

The passive speakers are opposite to active speakers, and you need one separate amplifier to produce sound from these speakers. For using passive speakers, you may need some listed below things.

  • Speaker cables
  • Separate crossovers
  • Separate power amplifier


  • Light-weighted speakers.
  • Great processing control.
  • Maximize factory preset qualities.
  • Highly flexible.
  • Good audio signal.
  • Easy amplification process.
  • Passive crossover components.


  • Compatibility issues may occur.
  • Signal loss for greater potential.

What is an audio amplifier?

Without amplification (audio signal intensification), your speakers cannot work, and the amplifier used to power your speakers for brilliant sound quality.

The amplifier’s primary work is gaining signals; after gaining them, it amplifies them for louder sound.

Example Of Audio Amplifier

It gains the signal from the Microphone and makes a loud sound produced by speakers.

Passive Speakers and Amplifiers

As we know, the amplification system did not come with passive speakers, and due to this reason, these passive speakers cannot able to produce a louder sound.

If you already have passive speakers, you need to connect a power amplifier to enhance sound quality and create enough sound from the speakers.

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