Audio Technica AT-LP60X Turntable

Brand Audio-Technica Turntable
Color Black
Connections Wired, RCA Output Cables
Belt drive speeds 33 1/3, 45 RPM
Platter Die cast aluminum platter
Outputs Phono output or linelevel output
Type Belt Drive Turntable
Mat Black felt mat

First one review of Audio-Technica and this stereo turntable comes in elegant black color. The body design of this AT-LP60X-BK Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable seems fantastic, and for your best audiophile setup, this Technica turntable is perfect.

This turntable has a transparent solid plastic cover for dust protection, which will protect this turntable from dust.

The Technica turntable’s felt mat has black color and is much pretty nice, and if we talk about felt mat strongness then, this Technica black felt mat has pretty solid quality.

The turntable silver disk is made of cast aluminum material and fits easily on the turntable. If we talk about turntable audio quality, you will get brilliant Hi-Fi audio by using this Audio-Technica LP60X turntable.

Basically, this is a belt-drive turntable and can easily operate with two speeds of 33-1 and 3, 45 RPM and make very minimal vibration because of the solid quality of the die-cast aluminum platter.

The altered tonearm can brilliantly track and reduce resonance very easily and comes with an Audio-Technica cartridge (diamond stylus- ATN3600L), which is of very high quality and can easily replace it. For user-friendly connectivity, the pre-installed built-in pre-amp will give you both phono output and line-level output.

After buying an audio Technica turntable, you also get a 45 RPM adapter and RCA output cable, which is 3.5 mm male to dual and can easily De-attach whenever you want. Overall this Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable is the best audiophile turntable under $2000.

How To Install Audio-Technica AT-LP60X-BK Turntable

  1. Slides off the transparent turntable plastic cover.
  2. Take your die-cast aluminum platter and hold the rubber band, and after placing the platter, you have to place the rubber on the gold side perfectly.
  3. Now you have put the felt mat on the platter and place and press down the 45 RPM adapter in the turntable back slot.

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  • Simple to set up.
  • Very user-friendly turntable and you have to place your vinyl record and then hit play, and then it runs.
  • Clean lines & nothing fancy.
  • Good clear sound.
  • No gimmicks.
  • Best turntable for an audiophile.
  • No speed adjustment.
  • No tonearm adjustment.
  • No other adjustments.
  • Light-weighted turntable.

Turntable Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC

Speed 33.45
Drive principle belt drive
Platter 300mm metal
Mains bearing stainless steel
Wow & flutter 33: +/- 0.60%, 45: +/- 0.70%
Speed Drift 33: +/- 0.19%, 45: +/- 0.17%
Signal to noise 68dB
Tonearm 8.6”, Carbon
Effective arm length 218.5 mm
Effective arm mass 6.0 g
Tracking force 10 - 30mN
Power connection 110/120 or 230/240 Volt - 50 or 60 Hz

Next Pro-Ject Debut Carbon turntable review and this Piano Black turntable have a beautiful finish design and look perfect for your black audiophile setup. The platter’s build quality is brilliant and made of medium density fiberboard, and in weight, it is heavy and sturdy.

Due to the best quality of platter, this will cause unwanted vibrations and noises. The Pro-Ject Debut turntable comes with installed rubber feet, which also aid in preventing outside unwanted noises or vibrations.

This Pro-Ject turntable comes with an elegant transparent dust cover made of excellent material and covers turntable from dust and maintains its shine clean.

Its carbon fiber arm increases stiffness and decreases unwanted resonances, resulting from the brilliant sound quality. Overall this Pro-Ject Debut Carbon is the best audiophile turntable under $2000.

  • Excellent entry level turntable.
  • Turntable easy to setup.
  • Comes with a good cartridge.
  • Great sound and sleek look.
  • Great record player for price.
  • Good build quality.
  • No mains in socket.

Marantz TT-15S1 Turntable

Manufacturer Marantz
RPM 33 1/3 & 45 rpm
Feet 3 highted Aluminum Feet
Signal Ratio 80 dB signal to Noise
Coming Cartridge Type MM(moving magnet cartridge)
Platter Thick, Heavy Platter
Belt Material Silicon belt.
Anti-skating system Yes
Mat Clever Clamp(felt slip mat)
Others White gloves, Bearing oil, Tonearm Height Shim

Next Marantz tt-15s1 turntable review and this elegant white turntable are perfect for your white audiophile setup. The Marantz turntable is beautifully designed by the company and comes in a Transparent White color, which looks very elegant.

Basically, this turntable is a belt-drive turntable and comes with a belt that is made of silicone material, and a non-servo AC motor which is installed in it will provide you insane performance without creating any motor noise.

The total power consumption of this tt-15s1 turntable is 5W and has a frequency response is 20Hz to 20kHz.The Marantz turntable comes with heightened and solid aluminum feet, which gives a very strong base and stability to the turntable; you can easily put this turntable on a plane or irregular surfaces.

The thing you never get with this turntable is a transparent Dust cover, and if you want to protect your Marantz tt-15s1from dust, you have to purchase a dust cover for your expenses. Overall this elegant white Marantz tt-15s is the best audiophile turntable under $2000.

  • Build Top-end tonearm.
  • Three adjustable feet.
  • Dense solid acrylic platter.
  • Silent AC motor.
  • Comes with clear audio virtuoso cartridge.
  • No dust-cover.
  • Hole in the plinth.

Pro-Ject T1 Turntable

Model Name T1
Brand Pro-Ject
Color Walnut
Material MDF
Motor Type DC Motor
Power Source Corded Electric
Platter Thick bead-blasted glass(8mm)
Cartridge Ortofon OM5e Cartridge

Next Pro-Ject T1 Turntable review and this one has an elegant Walnut color design and comes with the pre-installed transparent dust cover, which will provide this T1 Turntable great protection.

The T1 Turntable base is made of solid MDF material with pre-installed rubber feet, making its perfect balance. The platter of this T1 Turntable has 8mm thickness and is a bead-blasted glass platter.

This Pro-Ject turntable designed beautifully, and all parts are fully mechanical, which will give you smooth and brilliant playback.

The coming cartridge with T1 Turntable is named Ortofon OM5e Cartridge, a moving magnet cartridge. You can easily mount this cartridge and do an alignment to the top the bottom headshell. For non-stop performance, this turntable has ultra-precise, which is belt systemized.

The size of the Tonearm is 8.6 and is made of aluminum material. The total effective length of the arm is218.5 mm. Overall the Pro-Ject T1 Turntable is the best audiophile turntable under $2000.

  • Sound crisp and good.
  • Good quality turntable.
  • Comes with dust cover.
  • Features Ortofon OM5e Cartridge.
  • Easy To setup.
  • Low quality belt.

Audio Technica AT-LP120XUSB

Model Name AT-LP120XUSB-BK
Brand Audio-Technica
Connections Wired
Target light Popup stylus target light
Motor Type DC Motor
Signal Format Analog
Motor Speed 33/45/78 RPM speeds
Accessories USB cable, RCA output cable, AC adapter, 45 RPM adapter

Next Technica turntable review and this black design turntable have a brilliant dc motor with 33/45/78 RPM speeds. The solid turntable body design seems perfect, and the pre-installed four feet make perfect balance when you put this turntable on smooth and rough surfaces.

The turntable featuring anti-skate control, and to the tonearm, this controller will fully help you in controlling small outward forces. With a quartz speed lock, you can easily control the variable pitch.

The beautifully designed S-shaped tonearm has insane features and comes with lockable rest, and also, you will get a hydraulically damped lift. You can also do the conversion of your vinyl records into digital audio files using MAC and Windows personal computers.

The solid plastic dust covers a great good job in protecting Technica turntables from dust. Overall the one is the best audiophile turntable under $2000.

  • High-fidelity audio.
  • Direct-drive.
  • Great RPM speed.
  • Adjustable dynamic anti-skate control.
  • Balanced S-shaped tonearm.
  • No tonearm counter weigh.

Fluance RT85 Truntable

Brand Fluance
Connections Wired
Color Piano Black
Material Wood
Signal Format Analog
Motor Type AC Motor
Performance Analogue Performance
Cartridge Ortofon 2M Blue
Sound 3-dimentional sound

Next is fluence turntable review and this wood material-made turntable has an elegant Piano Black color design cabinet. The turntable will give you full analog performance, and using this turntable, and you will enjoy warm, natural music.

You will find Ortofon 2M Blue Cartridge pre-installed on the tonearm of this fluence turntable.

The turntable body seems solid, and if we talk about balance damping feet, which are installed four and make continue stable balance, you can adjust these damping feet.

The fluence turntable has an excellent quality platter made of ACRYLIC material, and about performance, this platter gives you 3-dimensional sound quality.

The installed type AC Motor in the turntable can perfectly handle speed control, and you will not feel any vibration and noise.

  • Pure analogue performance turntable.
  • Great speed control.
  • Solid wood plinth cabinet.
  • High density Acrylic platter.
  • Low quality dust cover.

U-Turn Audio Orbit Plus

Brand U-Turn Audio
Connections Wired
Color Black
Motor Type AC Motor
Pluto preamp Built-in
Cartridge Ortofon OM5E cartridge
Platter Acrylic platter
Dust cover Yes
Counter-weight Adjustable

Now the Beautiful USA assembled a black U-Turn turntable review. This slim turntable has excellent quality machined platter. The insane precision tonearm comes with the company pre-installed Ortofon OM5E cartridge.

From dust protection, this U-Turn Audio Orbit Plus has a quality dust cover installed, which can make it secure from cement dust, metallic, mineral, muddy dust, and the counterweight can also be adjusted easily. Overall this black U-Turn is the best audiophile turntable under $2000.

  • Built-in Pluto preamp.
  • High-performance turntable.
  • Easy to set up.
  • OA2 gimbal arm.
  • Preset anti-skate.
  • Adjustable counterweight.
  • Two-Speed Belt Drive System.
  • Low-Resonance Acrylic Platter.
  • Built-In Preamp.
  • Sometimes belts do not stay.

Audio-Technica Dj Turntable

Operation 3-speed
Speeds 33-1/3 RPM, 45 RPM,78 RPM
Turntable Platter 332 mm die-cast aluminum
Starting Torque >4.5
Braking System Electronic brake
Anti-skating Range 0-3 g
Tone Arm Type Static balanced S-shaped tone arm
Drive Method Direct drive

Next is the Technica AT-LP1240USB DJ turntable review. The turntable design is similar to all other listed turntables and beautifully designed black, which seems durable, but if we take a look at feet, which are some higher and greatly balance turntable as we know that this one is Technica Dj turntable and is featuring lots of DJ features which every DJ demands like Direct-drive, high-torque and much more.

You will also find some buttons like Dual buttons, which help you start/stop, and you also get full control on the pitch by variable pitch controller and for selecting RPM Speeds up to 33/45/78, you can use brake controller for adjustments. Overall this AT-LP1240USB XP is the best audiophile turntable under $2000.

  • Solid, built like a tank.
  • Beautiful design overall.
  • Exudes quality tonearm, gimbal, cueing, etc.
  • Detachable head shell.
  • Brake adjustment.
  • Beutiful targeting light.
  • Adjustable feet for leveling.
  • Built-in pre-amp.
  • Best Dj Turntable 2021.
  • Professional DJ features.
  • Rock-solid playback.
  • Counterweight not heavy and solid.