How To Check Playstaion Subscription Status

  • Scroll up the PlayStation home screen.

  • Go to PlayStation settings.

  • Select ps4 account management.

  • Now scroll down and select PlayStation subscriptions.

  • There two options show.

    1. PlayStation Plus.
    2. Playstation Now subscription.

Playstation status of subscription

Playstation Hardware and repair

On the sony PlayStation support website, you will find Hardware & Repair support (online self-service tools), which will help you repair selected PlayStation devices ( PS4, PS5, PS VR, accessories, PS vita, ps3). You can do PlayStation software updation and solve your PlayStation connecting issues and also go to safe mode.

What is safe mode in playstation?

For rebuilding your PlayStation database, the safe mode is very beneficial, and this will allow you to start your gaming console (ps4, ps5) with only basic functions.

How do I start in Safe Mode?

  • Hold the PlayStation power button (3 seconds only).
  • After the power indicator blinks, your console will turn off.
  • Once PlayStation off, you have to hold the console power button again.
  • Now release the button when you properly hear the second sound beep.
  • Now you have to connect your USB controller with a USB cable and just press the PS button.