The Blackweb wireless speaker uses Bluetooth technology to connect to any mobile, TV, or other device and has a built-in speaker for best sound and a 3.5mm jack for connectivity to smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs also; you can charge your smartphone and listen to music on the go with its built-in 3.5mm jack. You can enjoy sound by using a Blackweb wireless speaker without having to worry about how much space you’re going to take up in your bag and doubles as a stand for your phone and is sweat proof so you can use it whenever and wherever. 

Most speakers come with a speaker cord, but, With Blackweb portable speakers, you can listen to music without any cords that usually come with most speakers. The Blackweb smart speakers are very budget-friendly, and their sound quality is excellent on a low budget and has multiple color options available, making them perfect for gifting. The wireless, portable Blackweb is the perfect wireless speaker you will ever find. With its 360 sound and powerful bass, it is perfect for those who love listening to music without the hassle of wires or batteries because they boast a long battery life of about many hours. Blackweb Bluetooth portable speaker will provide you hands-free or wireless experience and is perfect for those days you do not want to be without sound throughout the day. So below, follow the steps about how to charge Blackweb Bluetooth speakers.

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How to charge Blackweb Bluetooth Speaker

  • With your device, you need to connect the Blackweb speaker so the speaker will Turn On, so now you can see a display message indicating that your speaker is charging or not.
  • Check the speaker: Not that your Blackweb speaker will stop charging once fully charged.
  • Now you have to Un Piar ( Remove) the Blackweb Speaker from your device.

Charging the speaker:

A micro USB port to charge the Blackweb portable speaker is a true option by plugging the speaker into your computer or a wall charger.

Charging the battery:

When the Blackweb speaker’s battery is running out, there are two best ways to charge it: 

  1. The Blackweb speaker can plug into any phone charger or USB port using Type Micro USB Cable.

Using a wall charger:

  • The Blackweb speaker may have been sitting on its back with the aux port facing up and the base facing down, but if not, you can get it to charge by flipping it around. 
  • Next, plug the charger into a wall outlet and let it sit for at least 30 minutes or as long as an hour to charge.

Using a computer:

To enjoy your best songs on Blackweb speaker, follow the steps below to connect Black web speaker to your PC

  1. First, plug the speaker into your computer, 
  2. Let it charge UPTO 30 minutes to an hour.
  3. Connect with Pc via Bluetooth
  4. Enjoy!

What to do if Blackweb Bluetooth speaker not charging?

  • Use your personal computer to Connect your Blackweb speaker.
  • Go to Taskbar and Press the Speaker Icon, and there you have to select “Open Volume Control.”
  • Click On Bluetooth Icon
  • Turn ON Bluetooth device (If OFF)
  • When your Blackweb speaker is connected and then when you hear a beep sounding ( Speaker Charging Indication)
  • Re-Plug your Blackweb speaker into the USB port if It has trouble charging
  • Also, ensure the power source connectivity, and if your Blackweb speaker is not connected to Power Source, you will not be able to receive sound.

How To Reset Blackweb Bluetooth Speaker

  • It gets power and turns ON.
  • Press & hold both the Power button and Bluetooth button (Up to 3 Seconds), which will make your speaker back to factory reset.
  • Now Reset it to factory defaults to assure that the Blackweb speaker is working correctly. 
  • To test music, you have to pair it with a Bluetooth-enabled laptop or smartphone and then Play your best song on the Blackweb speaker, so if the sound is coming, then your mission is passed in the resting Balckweb series speaker.

Play Song From Source and Rock

With the Blackweb budget speakers, playing your best bass-boosted songs at a party or outdoor event is easier than ever. It is no secret that Blackweb Bluetooth speakers can help make your life significantly easier whether you need to play music in the kitchen, at work, or even outside.

How To Connect Blackweb Bluetooth Speaker To Wireless Router?

There is a good chance that you have purchased a Bluetooth speaker along with your wireless router. Wireless routers aren’t just for connecting to the internet; they also offer Wi-Fi networks for Bluetooth speakers.Wireless speakers are simple to connect to a wireless router, but there are a few things you need to know before you start. The following instructions will help you connect your Bluetooth to the network if it does not automatically connect:

  • Make sure the speaker has Bluetooth capability. 
  • Make sure the wireless router has an available USB port. 
  • Plug the Bluetooth receiver into an available USB port on your computer and wait for pairing instructions to pop up on your screen. 
  • Fourth, when prompted by your computer, press the connect button on your speaker. 
  • Finally, enjoy your wireless speaker without any issues.

How To Open Blackweb Bluetooth Speaker?

  • Removed Raped battery stuck by the adhesive tape on the Blackweb speaker box.
  • Pry both ends equally
  • Remove the screws and take off the Blackweb speaker charging cover.
  • Remove all screws

How To Charge Blackweb Bluetooth Speaker With Phone Charger

Yes, Blackweb speakers can charge with a phone charger by following the steps below:

  • Use USB AC adaptor supplied
  • According to your AC Adapter specification, the time will require to fully charge the Blackweb speaker ( May be up to 10 hours)

Can we use Bluetooth Speaker while charging?

Yes, If you charge your speaker while using another Bluetooth speaker brand, such as Blackweb, JBL, or Audionic, no damage will occur to the battery.

In A Nutshell | How To Charge Blackweb Bluetooth Speaker

In general, Blackweb wireless speakers offer excellent audio quality from anywhere. Gamers, here’s some good news! Blackweb easy-to-carry speakers can also be used for gaming if they have Bluetooth capability and work with Windows, macOS, or Linux operating systems. Therefore, if you are experiencing any problems while charging your speakers, make sure you follow these steps correctly to eliminate the problem.

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