AudioQuest DragonFly Black v1.5

Native Resolution Up to 24-bit / 96kHz
Output 1.2 volts
DAC Chip ESS ES9010
Volume Control Analog Volume Control
Desktop Compatibility Yes-Apple, Windows, Linux
Yes-Apple Windows, Linux
Design Black soft-touch finish
Cap Cover Protective End cap
Others Leatherette Travel Pouch

First Dragonfly black DAC review and for enhance quality sound this 32-bit Sabre DAC which consume low power is perfect for you. The DAC body design comes in pure black color, and on the front of the body, you will see a beautiful Dragonfly logo.

The size of this cheap Dragonfly DAC is small and is a very versatile DAC that can easily play everything MP3s to the 24-bit/96kHz files, which are very highly resolute files.

This AudioQuest DAC compatibility is much familiar with many devices like Android mobile devices, laptops, windows PCs, Apple PCs, IOS devices, and it is a plug and play device which is user friendly.

It has 1.2 volts of minimum output, which seems great for a wide range of headphones and the DAC also has a minimum-phase filter that gives detailed quality sound. Overall the Dragonfly black is the best dac amp under $100.

  • Brilliant sound quality.
  • Plug and play device.
  • Great enhanced.
  • Clean and power sound.
  • Built well.
  • Extremely portable.
  • No dedicated app.
  • No option of voice control.

Neoteck 3.5mm Headphone Amplifier

Input/Output Port 3.5mm Audio
Port Distortion 0.0003%
SNR ≥100dB
Load impedance 16-150Ω
Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz(±3dB)
Battery capacity 1500mAh
Battery Time 8 Hours
Charging voltage DC 5V
Max. Power Output 105mw in Impedance 16Ω

Next Neoteck amp review, and basically it is light weighted Mini HiFi amplifier for headsets and is very much portable. Its beautiful black design seems excellent due to its aluminum matte surface and comes with a wired connection.

The Neoteck amp will give you long battery life because the battery inside the amp is made of Lithium, which can quickly recharge overtime, and the 1500mAH Capacity of the battery will provide you eight hours of usage.

The ON/OFF switch you will find on the front of Neoteck, and also there you will find L-H gain switch, Headphone jack, Blue LED light, and a single sound source connection.

The charging USB type-c port you will see on another backside of the Neoteck amp and also has a red LED light for the charging signal. The type-c cable will charge it, and the other audio cable will help you in connecting inputs of 3.5mm Audio Port. Overall the Neoteck amp is the best DAC amp under 100 dollars.

  • Very portable and durable build.
  • Fast charging time.
  • Good battery life.
  • Great little amplifier.
  • Compatible with various devices.
  • Included 3.5 mm cable is not perfect.


Brand S.M.S.L
Color Black
Connections RCA, Wired, Aux
Material Aluminum
USB Compatibility Windows,Mac OS ,Linux
THD+N RCA output 0.0005%
Output RCA
USB Transmission Mode Asynchronous Transmission
Input USB /Optical/Coaxial
SNR 106dB
Dynamic Range 114dB

Next SMSL M100 DAC review and this mini cute dac seems very durable, which will give you great sound quality. The dac body is made of purely Aluminum and has a finish black color and has the different connection inputs of RCA, Wired, and an Aux connection.

On the back of the body design, you will find two R-L output audio ports and a single in-3(coax i-and-l) port in-2(optical input) and in-1 (USB-Input) port for various connections.

The power input button you will find on the front body design with stand by LED. The SMSL M100 DAC introduces a small display screen on the front body, which will help you see digits. Overall it is the best desktop dac amp for under $100.

  • Durable, solid build.
  • Sound is clean.
  • Multiple outputs.
  • Windows Driver Issues.
  • Obsolete USB connections.
  • USB Power Design.
  • Included no power adapter.
  • Windows Driver Issues.
  • Obsolete USB connections.
  • USB Power Design.

Hidizs Portable Amplifier

Color S2 Black
Output Power 2x60mW @ 32Ohm
Output Current 50mA
Accessories Type C to USB A adapter
System Support Windows,MacOSX,Android
Output Power 2x60mW @ 32Ω
Output Capability 24bit/192kHz

Next HIDIZS DAC review and this as compare other DAC designs this one have very unique and straightforward S2 Black color and design. Inside the HIDIZS DAC, the company has installed the build-in chip, which is very highly resolute and will give you the best ever performance and enhanced sound quality.

The DAC has very Ultra-low-power dissipation and will provide you HI-RES DAC performance, which will increase your mobile sound three times more. This DAC device is very portable, and you can carry it easily in the Storage Box, which comes with it.

The DAC size is only 4.33 inches, and you can connect with many compatible devices like laptops, Google Chrome book, personal computers, android and IOS smartphones, etc. The DAC has one single micro USB Type-C digital interface and has the PCM of different rates. Overall this HIDIZS amplifier is the best Dac amp under $100.

  • Copper Core which are oxygen-Free.
  • Sound quality is good on all devices.
  • Enhance Hi-Fi quality sound.
  • Great Noise Reduction.
  • Portable headphone amplifier.
  • Small and convenient form factor.
  • Drives efficient full-sized headphones.
  • Very affordable price.
  • Complicated changing modes.

FiiO i1 DAC for Apple

Drive Ability 16-32Ohms
Power Supply Apple devices
Connector-type Auxiliary, Lightning
Cable Type USB
Compatible Devices Iphone, ipad, ipod
Color Black
Brand FiiO
Input Interface MFi standard lightning plug

Next is FiiO i1 DAC, and this one comes for use with IOS devices, and you can easily use this DAC with your Apple iPod, iPad, and iPhone devices.

The DAC black color seems durable and has a substantial long wire with the pre-installed standard MFi standard lightning plug for the input interface. Overall the FiiO i1 is the Best DAC for iPhone devices.

  • Nice build quality.
  • Very little hissing.
  • Best in price.
  • Best DAC for iPhone.
  • Cable management is poor.
  • Not much better as comparison with other listed DAC amp.

Aimpire AD10 MINI USB Dac

Manufacturer AIMPIRE
Power supply DC5V/0. 5A
IN USB Digital output
SNR 115dB at 1kHz
Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz
OutPut Level 2Vrms@0dBFS
Impedance 100ohms
OPT/COAX OUT 44. 1kHz-192kHz/16Bit-24Bit

Next HIFI Audio review and this DAC comes with the feature of automatic power ON/OFF option and is very light weighted DAC amp. The Decoder Amplifier has a black look finish design and can be used with MAC and Windows. On the back body of DAC this Audio Decoder, you will find red and white L-R line out ports, which will help you connect speakers properly.

The Automatic power on/off feature of this Aimpire AD10 DAC will make it continuously on when your pc is shut down. It has an excellent USB interface, and it also perfectly Compatible with DSD256 and also PCM384.

You have to attach your speakers with the required amplifier, and overall this HIFI Audio Decoder Amplifier is the best dac amp under 100 dollar.

  • The build is quite good.
  • The display is a nice addition.
  • Sound quality is excellent.
  • Inexpensive and small dac.
  • Dac support both PCM, DSD file formats.
  • Ease of setup.
  • Compatible with Window 10.
  • Small Soundstage.
  • Popping and cracking sounds.

FiiO A3

Brand FiiO Model
Color Black
Name Kilimanjaro 2
Battery Type 1400mAh internal battery
Battery Backup 16 hours of use
Body Material Aluminum body
Increases output 3.5dB at 60Hz
Electric Resistance 16 to 150 Ohms

Next is the FiiO A3 amp review, and this Black beautifully design DAC comes with a brilliant bass boost circuit, which will help you provide the best quality sound.

Inside this amp, the company has installed a 1400mAh battery, which will give you brilliant battery life, and you can use this Kilimanjaro 2 amp for sixteen hours easily.

You will find a fully aluminum designed body which has a black look finish and is very much lightweight amp ever in the market, and like other listed amp this one has a unique design, and on the top of the body.

You will find a gain switch and power ON/OFF switch and in the center you will find classic volume controller for accurate control of volume.

The FiiO A3 amp takes much time to charge fully. Just you need a 3.5mm headphone cable which will connect the amplifier with portable speakers. Overall this FiiO A3 is the best DAC under 100 dollars.

  • Durable build.
  • Excellent sound output.
  • Great for powerful headphones.
  • Produce clear, bold audio.
  • Compact size which make this amp in easy to carry.
  • Great battery life.
  • Aluminum metal enclosure.
  • Controls are tactile.
  • No accurate battery level indicator.
  • Slow charging.