Quick Steps - Connecting Ps4 Controller To Chromebook

- Connect the PS4 Controller and your Chromebook with a USB cable

- Open the Chrome web store app on your Chromebook

- Find and download an app called "PS4 Remote Play"

- After installing, open it up and you will see a screen that shows how to pair the controller.

Detailed Guide About How To Connect Ps4 Controller To Chromebook

- Turn on your ps controller and Chromebook to start pairing them. You can also connect a micro USB cable if you have one handy, but it's not required. 

- Make sure Bluetooth is enabled by opening up the settings menu in Chrome OS. Press ctrl+alt+t simultaneously to open Crosh. Type "shell" and hit enter to open a command-line interface.

- Now type "sudo cross system dev_boot_usb=enable &&sudo reboot". This command will put your Chromebook into developer mode, activate USB booting, then restart the machine to apply changes.

- When you get back up from the restart go to the settings menu again and check that Bluetooth is turned on before continuing.

- Turn on your PS controller by pressing & holding down the Ps button until it starts blinking rapidly (~20 seconds). You can also press & hold share&options buttons simultaneously for ~15 seconds if this method works better for you (it didn't work well for me so I went with the first method).

- When your ps controller starts blinking quickly, go back to the terminal and type "Sudo start Bluetooth". You should see a message that says: service is running. If this command returns an error it means you're trying to connect too many Bluetooth devices at once (you can try again after disconnecting anything else like wireless headphones).

- Now pair your ps controller by typing in one of the following commands depending on which method worked for you.

-These two steps will pair your Ps4 controller to Chromebook and it should now be connected! To check if this worked correctly, open any game that requires a keyboard/mouse input (like Minecraft, Sims 4 etc) and press Ps4 button on the Ps4 controller once.

- There's no need to hold it down this time. You should see Xbox 360 buttons appear under your normal keys when doing this so keep trying until you get them all in order from left to right. If they don't show up at all or you get a different keyboard layout, try again with the other Bluetooth pairing method.

- Now all that needs to be done in order to play games from the PS store is to open up the app, search for free games (there are tons of them), download a game, and start playing!

If you want to save some money then there are other options available. For example, you can buy an emulator online or through Google Play Store called BlueStacks which allows any android device -- phone or tablet --to emulate different systems such as Wii U, Xbox 360, PlayStation Vita, and even Playstation. It's a little tricky to set up, but with the right tutorial videos and graphic, it should be pretty easy to figure out how everything works!

Another option is buying an emulator online or through Google Play Store called BlueStacks, which allows any android device --phone or tablet--to emulate different systems such as Wii U, Xbox 360, PlayStation Vita, and even Playstation. It's a little tricky to set up at first, but after watching some free video tutorials on YouTube it should be pretty simple to understand how everything works.

Final Remarks On Connecting Ps4 Controller To Chromebook

Go ahead and try out all of these different options if you are looking for some great games that can be played without having to spend any money! You will surely find something that works the best for your Chromebook. There's even an app where you can play ps games on Android devices such as phones or tablets! The only downside there though is it costs $20 just to get started :/ Good luck everyone Go ahead and checks out other.

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