How to Unpair / Unsync Controller Xbox-one Controller

If you have Xbox Series X/S and you need to Unpair your Xbox controller directly, and you don't know about the procedure of Unsyncing Xbox-one Controller, then below team Technikaya makes a simple procedure for you and to unpair your box Series X/S controller follow the steps below.

  • Find the Sync button on your Xbox One controller, which you will find on top of the controller.
  • Now, you have to keep holding your Sync button of the Xbox one controller.
  • Wait for twice the vibration.
  • After your Xbox one controller vibrates twice, it indicates that your controller is fully unpaired from your Xbox One.
  • Now, when you will turn on your Xbox, one controller light will start to blink, and when you connect your Xbox one again with the console, then its Xbox controller light will stop blinking.

Xbox One Light Blinking Speeds

On your Xbox one controller, there are two blinking light speeds.

  • Slow light blink
  • Fast light blink

The fastest light blink of any Xbox-one controller means that the controller is in bind mode. For example, if you Unsync Xbox One controller from the console using the sync button (bind-button), then your Xbox one light blinks fast, and your controller searches for consoles that are available to connect with the controller.

How To TURN OFF Xbox One Controller?

We will show you the two different ways to turn off your Xbox one controller. The first one is the easiest way to turn off any Xbox One controller, which is given below:

  • Check Xbox-Light Button.
  • Press and Hold Xbox-Light Button for 6-Seconds.
  • After press the light button for 6-sec, your controller will turn off.
  • When your Xbox-one controller lights off, then it means now the controller is a turn-off.
  • If you want to reconnect your x-box one controller to the Xbox one, then just go ahead and just Press the Xbox-Light button again, and it will sync up to your console.
  • Remember, there is no need to press the Sync of the back button of the controller.

Now the second way that you turn off your Xbox-One controller is given below:

  • We have to press and hold down the light button of the Xbox-One once again, which pops open the menu on your screen.
  • The menu will allow you to turn off your Council, Controller, or Restart Xbox-One.
  • Suppose your Xbox-one controller turned off and you cannot turn off your council with-it.No problem you simply go to your council and press the Xbox button once, which will put it into standby mode, and then you have to Press the XBOX button for up to 10 sec and hold down which will turn off you Xbox one council.