Vanxse CCTV 1/3 CMOS HD 1200TVL

Brand Vanxse
Wireless Communication Technology CVBS
Video Capture Resolution 720p
Mounting Type Wall Mount
Light Source Type LED
Led Light 12-IR LED
IR Distance Ir-cut 50ft IR Distance
Vandal-Proofover Camera Yes

Introducing the Vanxse Security Camera which has an excellent aluminum housing body (IP66), is weatherproof and waterproof for outdoor usage. The Vanxse security camera is an excellent choice for those who want to be able to use their outdoor area without sacrificing quality. The metal housing makes it weatherproof and waterproof, perfect in any environment while the bright flash eye can see from up to 180 degrees with at 1/3 CMOS HD 960H 1200TVL resolution. It has twelve IR LEDs that will help make sure no one gets left out if there's someone else around you or something moving across its field of view making this CCTV wide angle fully vandal proof too. Additionally, its wide-angle Fish Eye lens allows footage from 50ft away according to Vandal Proofovers.

How To Connect Vanxse CMOS CCTV With DVR

  1. With a DC plug, you have to connect your power adapter.
  2. Now, with your extension cable, you have to connect your camera BNC and DC.
  3. For video input, you have to connect the plug with your DVR.
  4. Now, you have to connect your Monitor with HDMI/VGA interface on your DVR.
  • Great camera for the price.
  • Excellent Vandal-Proof wire Protection.
  • Easy installation process.
  • The built-in 12pcs IR LEDs.
  • Right 1.88 mm wide lens.
  • Waterproof and weatherproof CCTV.
  • Closer to 90 degrees.
  • Normal image quality.

ZOSI 2.0MP HD 1080p 1920TVL Security Camera

Brand ZOSI
Alert Type Motion Only
Wireless Communication Technology Ethernet
Power Source Battery powered
Video Capture Resolution 1080p
Wide Angle 105°view
Material Aluminum Casing
Image Sensor 1/3″Color CMOS with IR-Cut
IR LEDs Amount 36pcs IR LEDs

The ZOSI security camera is a high-quality, weatherproof device that comes with features to make your home feel even more secure. The wide-angle lens allows for clear footage from all angles and the 36 LEDs provide up-close visibility during night-time events without any illumination gaps enabling you to see what's going on in low light situations as if it were daytime! This model also includes HDTVI video support which can be used by various types of DVRs out there today such as those made by Sony or Lite ON systems. In addition, this one supports CVI/CVBS interfaces giving us total clarity when watching videos at their finest levels so whether we're looking at an indoor scene secondly outdoors scenery will look crystal clear thanks again to our fantastic optics. The camera front glass has an entirely covered lens and LEDs, and it releases your fear from rain, dust, or fog.

How To Switch To Camera Output Mode

  1. The very first important thing is to check the video a format that your DVR supports.
  2. Now, connect your ZOSI security camera with a DVR.
  3. For output switching mode, you have to press the OSD joystick.


Default/Up: CVBS 960H ( Default Output Mode) Down: CVI Left: AHD Right: TVI

  • Good quality video results
  • Easy to mount and connect.
  • Inexpensive wide security camera.
  • The drawback is the controller.
  • Night vision is decent.
  • Small fish lense.
  • The camera confuses (Very pixeled) in shining lights.

CCTV Camera Pros AHD-BL25

Brand CCTV Camera Pros
Wireless Communication Technology Wi-Fi
Video Capture Resolution 1080p
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Field Of View 180 Degrees
Resolution 2MP
Lens 2.5mm Fisheye Lens
DVR Compatibility 1080p HD-CVI Format

The Camera Pros AHD-BL25 is the best wide angle security camera for those looking to shoot 360 degrees. The aluminum housing makes it weather and waterproof so you can use this as a retail store or home monitoring system without worrying about breaking out in cold sweat, but if we're talking business purposes then there's no need because these units are built with durability and will last through many harsh conditions! It comes equipped w/ IR LEDs that help provide clear images up until 10 meters (32 + feet). And since switching on modes like CVI TVI etc., all from inside your line of sight thanks to 180-degree rotating lens options mean maximum coverage everywhere around before things start.

  • Switch To CVI: For 5 Sec Press Up
  • Switch To TVI: For 5 Sec Press Down
  • Switch To CVBS: For 5 Sec Press Left
  • Switch To AHD: Press Right For Five Sec
  • High definition surveillance camera.
  • IP66 Weatherproof Housing.
  • Digital Wide Dynamic Range.
  • Infrared image capturing.
  • OSD Controls.
  • A bit pricey.

Evtevision 5.0MP SHD Security Camera

Image Sensor 1/2.5 inch 5.0MP CMOS sensor
Effective Pixels 2560(H)*1920(V)
Lens 3.6mm
Angle of View 85 degree view angle
Night Vision Up to 100ft/30m
Day and Night Function Support IR-CUT
Housing Aluminum Metal

The Evtevision Surveillance CCTV camera is an excellent choice for your home security needs. Now we review Evtevision surveillance CCTV camera and like ZOSI, Pros AHD-BL25 security cameras it also has Ip66 metal housing which means that when the weather is sunny or rainy in both situations this comes out perfectly new. The lens you get with these cams is 3 66mm wide for night vision up to 99 ft. Many people face DVR connection issues after buying any type of protection so makes sure they have your support before purchasing anything else especially because not all brands will work well together unless specified by the manufacturer but do notice there's more than one brand available nowadays giving many options on choosing what works best.

  • Very easy installation.
  • Automatically activates night vision.
  • Weather resistant security camera.
  • Captures more explicit videos.
  • Metal housing body is not much robust.

XVIM 1080P H.264 Security Camera System

Color 2MP 8CH+8 Bullet Camera
Housing IP66 waterproof camera
Android App XVR Pro
Filter Buid-in IR Cut Filter
Motion Detection Yes
Remote Access Yes
Night Vision 85ft night vision

Many people want this for their kitchen or garage monitor; if you are one of them then there's no better choice than buying an XVIM. The XVIM security camera is the best for people who want an affordable option that provides outstanding features. This 3-incher has excellent video quality, can record footage up to 35 feet in dark conditions without any problems. Its IR cut filter makes things even clearer! And while its lens coverage angle doesn't go much past 80 degrees (51 on each side), this wide-angle model still manages 81-degree viewing angles with clear recording capability at all times due to it being perfectly illuminated by LED lights within every 0.2 lux of the brightness before they're blocked out entirely when facing directly towards night vision seeking objects some distance away from your monitor screen between 25ft and 100+ ft depending and perfect as your outdoor surveillance system needs grow larger every day.

How To Connect XVIM CCTV With Mobile

  1. Turn ON your DVR and cameras, and now connect your DVR to a Wifi Router.
  2. You have to download XVR APP PRO on your mobile.
  3. Run the application.
  4. Register your account.
  5. Now add the device by ID.
  6. Now you can easily view the smartphone area by capturing it with your Security camera.
  • IR Cut Filter Build-In.
  • 4-in-1 DVR.
  • Easy Remote Access.
  • Playback Anytime Anywhere.
  • IP66 Weatherproof.
  • The best 24/7 monitoring.
  • No hardware for cable hanging.
  • Connect issues with smartphone.

HD 1080P 2MP BNC Analog CCTV

Infrared LED 15pcs IR Led
Picture Adjustment YES
S/N Ratio ≥50dB
Scanning System Progressive Scan
Lens Focus Length 1.7mm
Infrared Distance 10M
Auto Iris Support No

The next one is the DCSECHD Dome CCTV Camera, and we observe that most people have purchased this camera for indoor purposes like home or kitchen. The design seems much more straightforward than others on our list which might make it an excellent addition to your office space as well. It's clear from its physical features alone what makes a good quality product in general Super sharp CMOS sensor means wide angle video result with high sensitivity perfect if you're looking for something flexible enough not just protect but also monitor larger areas (think entire rooms). Its physical features are more straightforward than other cameras but it has excellent sensitivity with wide angle viewable pixels on CMOS sensors which makes it stand out among its competition as well.

  • Best for home security
  • 15pcs IR leds.
  • 10 meters Night Vision.
  • Super wide-angle view.
  • Has a metal case.
  • Vandal-proof Dome.
  • Shopping mall security surveillance also
  • Night vision is blurry.