It’s a difficult question to answer of how much time it takes to beat Cuphead. There are so many factors that go into how long it takes players to complete the game. Their skill level, their play style, and even how much time they spend playing other games as well. This blog will look at some of these factors and provide our best estimate on how long it should take any player to beat Cuphead on normal difficulty.

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The Cuphead game was released in September 2017 and has been getting rave reviews. The game is a retro-style run-and-gun platformer that pays homage to the classic 1930’s cartoons of the same genre. Cuphead runs on an arcade mode where you get three continues before your character dies (but can continue by inserting more coins). It also features Boss Thathes you’ll have to defeat in order to progress through the game. In order to beat most of these bosses, players will need a certain number of coins which can be collected by defeating enemies throughout the levels and purchasing them from shops found within the stages. Collecting all 300 coins allows for an extra continue if needed as well, so players should keep an eye out for the coins throughout their playthrough.

The game features a number of levels totaling approximately six hours to get through, so it’s not exactly your average “beat in one sitting” type game - but it is worth playing if you have the time! Players are encouraged to explore each level and find hidden secrets, as well as purchasing extra lives from shops found within stages that will allow them to continue when they die.

Users can also replay any previous world by using collectible soul contracts, which act as checkpoints for players who want to go back and play earlier levels again without having to start over at the beginning (though this option does come with a price). The player must then choose how many souls they’d like on hand to spend on the level.

The player can also use coins to purchase extra lives from shops found within stages, which allow them to continue when they die and will respawn where they last died without having to start over at the beginning (though this option does come with a price). The player must then choose how many souls they’d like on hand to spend on the level.

Our Final Thoughts: Cuphead is an excellent game for anyone who likes boss battles or has been looking for something different than traditional platformers. While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea due to its difficulty and retro-style graphics, fans of old-school gaming should definitely give it a try! In addition, I would recommend playing through each stage since there are plenty of hidden collectibles and achievements to be found through exploration.

How Long To Beat Cuphead

- The game is a bit on the short side, but there are plenty of collectible things to find that will help you achieve 100% completion.

- I recommend playing Cuphead with an Xbox controller as it’s how the game was meant to be played.

- The difficulty level may not appeal to everyone, but for those looking for something similar, please check out Mega Man or Contra instead.

How Long Does Cuphead Take?

I had completed all levels (except one), including boss battles by myself, without dying once throughout my playthroughs. The only level I died on was the boss battle of King Dice.

  • The story is a bit short, but it’s still very fun and intriguing to see what happens next in Cuphead.

Conclusion - How Long Would It Take You To Beat Cuphead

So, the conclusion is that the game is not too long. It took me about 12 hours and 45 minutes over a span of three days to beat Cuphead, including boss battles with no deaths whatsoever. The story was short but very intriguing as well. I would recommend it for anyone who loves difficult games such as Mega Man or Contra instead of those looking for something easy like Mario Brothers. I hope this helped you decide whether or not you want to purchase Cuphead now! Please rate my blog post if you found it helpful.

What Is Cuphead?

The Cuphead is a new game that was released on Xbox One and PC. The game is a hand-drawn, run and gun-style platformer with beautiful soundtracks.

The Boss Battle Of King Dice

This fight starts out very easy, but as you progress through the level, it becomes more difficult because he can cause parts of the floor to change into spikes or disappearing pits for some time before returning to normal. Be careful not to get hit by his fireballs at this point since they will do quite a bit more damage than in previous battles. When his health gets low enough, he’ll go underground and send several waves of projectiles your way, so try to stay close to him so that most of them don’t hit you while shooting away from him as they can do some serious damage. When he finally goes down to his last bit of health, the battle will reset, and you’ll have to repeat everything over again until eventually winning.

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