Fix Discord Not Opening Windows 10 - Solution

Fix Discord Not Opening Windows 10 - Solution

Many gamers are facing some trouble in Discord that, Discord is not opening in window 10,8,7, etc. So In this informative article, we are going to show you how to fix Discord not opening in windows 10

Fix Discord Not Opening In Windows

  • Go to the search bar and then type ‘ Task Manager’ and then click to open it.
  • When the task manager will open then you have to click on ‘ Open More Details’
  • Search for Discord and then press Right Click on it and then click on end task
  • Then Close the Task manager
  • Go To Search bar and type ‘RUN’ and then open it
  • When the search bar will open type %TEMP% and then press ‘OK’
  • Go to the Discord Folder And then press Right-click on it
  • Select delete and then close the window
  • Go to the desktop and press right-click on Discord Icon and Select ‘ Run run as administrator’ and then click on Yes
  • It will take some time to open discord and your problem will solve. The discord will open perfectly

If you will follow these ten steps correctly then your problem will solve easily. If you don’t know about discord then you can get some knowledge below:

What Is Discord Used For And How It Works

We all know about Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, or any other application that provides multi-features to their users. These applications allow their users to upload pictures and videos, and users can connect with family and friends easily by using these smart applications. Users can easily chat with their friends and family and post their photos and videos. These Multi features connect their users strongly with the Community.

Discord is an online application that allows you to communicate using text, images, audio, and video, and it is free. Discord is also providing advanced Multi features to its users like group chatting, video calling, link sharing, images, videos, and more. We use the word ‘ Server’ For Community. Each Community is called a ‘Server.’

Availability Of Discord

• Mac • PC • iPhone • Android

What is server in discord?

As we see Groups on Whatsapp, Pages on Facebook and Channels on Youtube, etc. same as it is, you will see Servers on Discord. You will find so many servers on Discord. Select the server, and you have to join tap server on Discord


It is a group of people who join together by come on interest whether this is a streamer, a particular game, or some activity like speedrunning, youtube, video editing, whatever you want.

How To Use Discord

There are two ways you can use Discord

  1. As a community member
  2. Server Owner
  • As a community member

This means you are not the owner of this server and you don’t manage that server

  • Server Owner

You own the server, and you are administrating that community

Reason For What Makes Discord Useful

As a community member:

Reason #1

It is a great place to meet people that share your entrance, and you going to be able to talk to people about things you want to talk, or you want to listen because they are also interested in the same topics and this is a very hard thing to do in real life because maybe you have one, two or ten friends to share your interest, In Discord, you would see full of people sharing your interest with the same passion you do.

Reason #2

If you are following a streamer, he is not gonna be online 24/7, and you are not gonna be able to chat with other members of their community when he is not live streaming. If you join his server, which probably has one server, you just have to look for it. If you join that server, you gonna be able to chat with the community and chat with all the other guys and even chat with the Streamer. Discord allows you to be a part of the community when Streamer is live or offline.

As Server owner

Reason #1

You should have a server if you are a streamer. One of the most important of streaming and gaming is that it is the community that builds around it. When you are a streamer, your community is the most important part of it because they are only those who want only to support you. They wanna play with you, and they wanna chat with you, they gonna make it so much fun. Discord gives a place for your community to live with you online because this way, they have a place to chat, to interact, to send videos, to send information, to communicate even when you are offline.

Reason #2

Discord will give you a lot of control over what you can do with your community communication channel. You can assign your users to a particular role you want them to have. You can assign the role of administrator or moderator to people you trust. It allows you to keep your channel clean of inappropriate behavior and keep trolls out of there.