WBM Himalayan Glow 1006 Extra Large Natural Pink

Light Type Incandescent
Brand WBM
Size Extra large
Wattage 25 Watts

The first lamp on our list is Himalayan Glow 1006, which is an extra-large pink salt lamp. The Himalayan Glow 1006 lamp is made from Salt Crystals from the Himalayan mountains and has a natural pink colour that looks pretty nice. From Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan, these salt lamps come from, and whenever you give them some light, these salt lamps will give out a warm. The lamp will give you a warm amber glow, and after turning on, it will create a calm atmosphere that will help you create a sense of peace and a relaxed mind. The Himalayan Glow 1006 salt lamp can help you with allergies by ridding dusty air, pollen (like pollen grains), and many more allergy triggers from the atmosphere. The Himalayan Glow 1006 comes with a wooden base made of natural neem. With respect to other wooden materials, the natural neem shows more durability. If we talk about its resistivity, then the base of the Himalayan 1006 lamp is Shrink and Termite resistant, and you can put the lamp anywhere you want. The lamp has a pre-installed light bulb, a dimmer switch, and an ETL Certified Cords in it, and if we talk about electrical lamp safety, then the good news to here about this lamp is that it is completely certified according to UL standards so, you don't need to worry about its safety. So, our final remarks about Himalayan Glow 1006 are that the lamp is greatly manufactured, and due to its large size, it spreads more light and is electrically secure for more use. So, overall it is the best Himalayan Salt Lamp Under $100.

  • Neem wooden base
  • Very cool-looking
  • Warm Amber Glow
  • Best gift for your loved ones
  • Safe and secure
  • Some Sweet moisture on it

WBM Himalayan Glow Natural Aroma Therapy USB Salt Lamp

Salt Material Himalayan Pink Aromatherapy Salt Lamp
Wattage 7-Watt
Adapter USB Plug-In
Brand WBM

The second salt lamp on our list isthe Himalayan Glow Natural Aromatherapy Salt Lamp, and as compared to Himalayan Glow 1006, it comes in an Aroma shape. The main benefit of the Aromasalt lamp is Negative Ions spreading, and its salt crystals spread a minimum amount of negative ions, which maintain positive and negative ions content in your atmosphere air. So for those people who are facing a sleeping disorder can go with this lamp because the naturally ionized air will help them to sleep better at night. This salt lamp also diffuses aroma oil which is perfect to create a calming environment. The salt lamp comes with a plastic base which is purely made of neem wood. More essential oil can also be poured into it, and on the other hand, you can also put this aromatherapy salt lamp into a scented candle. The salt lamp comes with a USB plug, so you can easily glow the lamp through any USB port. You can also gift this aroma salt lamp to your relatives and friends, and the best way to give an Aromatherapy lamp is to your mom on mother's day, which we will recommend to you. So overall, the lamp is pretty nice, and we will recommend it as the best salt lamp under $50.

  • Beautiful Pink Himalayan Salt
  • Releases Negative Ions
  • Help to sleep better
  • Create Calming Environment
  • Bit Smaller