Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 Disney Pink

Manufacturer Garmin
Color Disney Princess Pink
Battery Required
Components Included Vivofit Jr 2, Documentation
Other features Wireless

The Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 is an activity tracker designed for kids. The design features Disney Princess pink, which will make your little one feel like a princess while they walk and play about the house. This fitness watch is water-resistant, so you can monitor its progress in the pool without the worry of it being damaged by chlorine or other substances found in pools.

If they are exhausted after all that playing, this device has a sleep monitoring function to help ensure uninterrupted hours at night's rest as well. The VivoFit Jr 2 comes with a user-replaceable battery, while the parent control app allows you to monitor your kids' activity. The interactive experience is available thanks to an easy mobile device connection, and you can see their progress in one click through this health band's ingenious design. The features of this fitness tracker are perfect for tweens, with its elegant design and material made from silicone. After using it daily to count their steps, they'll enjoy the Toe-to-Toe challenges that come along with it.

The Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 is the perfect gift for any child who wants to stay healthy and active. This device tracks all of your steps, so you can see how far or close you are from achieving a goal. It also measures activity levels with an easy-to-read display that includes fun images. And when it's time for bedtime, this fitness tracker even monitors sleep quality too. The challenges will let them most footstep counts and compete with each other while being super interactive thanks to their touchscreen interface, which makes up one side of the face--which means they'll never get bored playing by themselves. The challenges make things more interesting as kids try to outdo their friends in counting footsteps before getting tired. So, overall the Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 is the best activity tracker for tweens.

  • Good battery life.
  • Comfortable band made of Silicon.
  • Easy connectivity with smart phones.
  • Swim-friendly band.
  • Gives Reminder alerts.
  • User-replaceable battery.
  • Stylish and Strong.
  • Parental Personal Assistant.
  • A Disney Princess Adventure.
  • No touch screen.

Garmin vivofit Jr 2 Marvel

Manufacturer Garmin
Color Black
Battery Required
Included Documentation
Wireless Connectivity Yes

The Vivofit Jr 2 Marvel Spider-Man Edition is a great option for any kids who want to stay on top of their fitness and activity. It's got an adjustable band made out of silicone material, so it'll fit comfortably onto the wrist no matter how big or small your child might be. Tracking steps, calories burned, and sleep patterns are just some features you can find in this product. This clip-on fitness tracker watch is water-resistant, has a swim-friendly design, and offers updates on your child's vitals, such as heart rate. It can be clipped to their clothes or worn in the pool, so you know how they are doing even when playing with friends.

The sleek, minimalist design is perfect for on-the-go professionals. This fitness tracker's long battery timing ensures you can effortlessly track your daily activities without having to worry about running out of juice. Parents can easily view their child's activity, chore data, and more on this smart gadget. The display screen is 0.61 inches big, but the wristband looks great and seems durable.

The fitness tracker band will motivate your kids to achieve active goals and is the best activity tracker for tweens. Once they complete a challenge, their total number of steps are displayed on the screen to monitor each child's progress and encourage other children to compete with them. Download the Toe-to-Toe Connect IQ application today by downloading it from Garmin Express or iTunes Store. It allows users to set up competitions between friends too.

  • Excellent battery life.
  • Connectivity is easy.
  • Comfortable band.
  • Marvel Spider Man kids fitness tracker
  • Estimates steps.
  • A Spider-Man Adventure.
  • Teeny tiny screen.

FITFORT Fitness Tracker

Wireless Yes
Color Black
Battery Cell Composition Lithium Polymer
Screen Size 0.96 Inches

Fitfort's fitness wristband and heart rate monitor watches are the perfect personal health secretary, reminding you to move or drink water after a long time at work or gaming. It also works as your gym coach by helping with bad habits like overeating, for instance.

Never again will you have to worry about forgetting what exercises that day; it can easily track up to 14 different ones and accurately measure all of them while working out - whether it's running or dancing. The wearable health band is designed to be sleek and lightweight, with a crystal clear LCD. The watch has five different brightness levels, so you can easily view the screen in even dazzling sunlight.

With no need for an annoying charging cable, your device will have enough power after only 1 or 2 hours of charge time - perfect on-the-go wearability that won't drain your battery life prematurely. The built-in USB plug will be inserted into the sleek, portable charger. The charging will quickly start, and you'll have all-day power for your activity tracker. Fitfort is manufacturing the best activity trackers for tweens like us who want to keep up with their fitness goals without having to worry about battery life.

  • It has slight variation.
  • Water resistant fitness tracker.
  • Track up to 14 exercises.
  • Beautiful watch design.
  • No More Couch Potatoes.
  • Another Touch for Selfie.
  • Wider Compatibility.
  • Blood pressure measuring problem.

3Plus Lite Activity Tracker

Manufacturer 3Plus
Battery Lithium Polymer
Operating System Android and iOS
Color Pink and Black

Next, 3Plus lite activity tracker, the sleep tracking device that makes your life easier. This is a fitness wearable designed to help you with everything from improving your sleeping habits and managing stress levels to shaving off time on those workouts or even keeping up with daily tasks when we're busy as bees. The 3plus lite activity tracker has an OLED display with a clear picture result that is easily seen in the dazzling sun.

The watch water-resistant, and it will never have any effect on this durable product if you're washing your hands or swimming, so there's no need to worry about getting it wet. It can also be paired effortlessly with smartphones or other smart devices for continuous measurement of daily activities without taking up too much space; simply press sync when needed, and voila--you'll get all the stats right away.

The 3plus lite activity tracker is a professional-grade health and fitness watch. It will allow you to track your number of steps walked, distance traveled, calories burned, or anything else that might be important for improving the quality of life. The 3Plus Lite is the best activity tracker for tweens.

Not only can you get your own in pink and black, but if the idea of charging it yourself makes you feel like too much work, then we have an option for that. We also offer extra chargers, so just in case one day yours runs out on a birthday party or something.

  • Monitors sleep & activity.
  • Single button interface.
  • Water-resistant health band.
  • Amazing battery life.
  • Easy connect with smartphones.
  • Caller ID display.
  • Advanced Display.
  • Instant Notifications.
  • 3Plus Community.
  • band cannot be changed.

Withings Move Smartwatch

Manufacturer Withings Inc - Sports
Model number HWA01_68
Band Color Black
Screen Size 3 Inches
Case Material Stainless Steel
Water Resistance Depth 50 Meters
Battery Cell Composition Lithium Metal
Clasp Type Tang Buckle

Next Withings Move Hybrid review. This health & fitness tracker comes in a pretty design that looks great. If you are walking, running, swimming, or cycling- it can automatically detect more than ten activities very quickly and measure your performance precisely. The device is comfortable to wear with its lightweight construction and ergonomic strap, so you'll never feel weighed down on the go making this an excellent choice for athletes of all types who need accurate feedback from their workouts.

The battery timing is perfect for this watch, and with 6-month battery life, users can run the health and fitness watch without any worry of losing power. The water-resistant design means that even in the rain or running into puddles on accident won't slow them down - they'll still be able to log their data accurately. With an easy connection between the wristband and the Health Mate application, it's never been easier to use your device for accurate tracking no matter what activity you're doing during those 500 days. Syncing your data is as easy as the click of a button, and this watch can be connected to any smartphone which has Bluetooth enabled. The battery for this smartwatch is also easily replaceable with CR2430 batteries - never worry about running out of juice when you need it most.

The Smart Wake-Up Alarm system on the hybrid digital watch of ours tracks your sleep automatically and can wake you up at exactly the right time in a cycle. Just set it with Smart Wake-up, connect it to your phone, and rest assured that this alarm will vibrate when needed. We know that no health and fitness watch can accurately calculate the calories burned or calorie intake. For tweens, a good activity tracker is perfect for kids who want to measure their heartbeats in order to be active without overdoing it on food consumption. Withings move hybrid watch is an ideal alternative because this smartwatch will track your heartbeat rate and log how many steps you take throughout the day so as never to let yourself get too inactive.

  • No cable or dock needed.
  • Light weighted fitness band.
  • Water Activity Encouraged.
  • Built for health.
  • Automatic activity tracking.
  • 8-month battery life.
  • Visualize Trends and Data.
  • Steel's art finish.
  • No heart rate monitor.

Y1 Activity Tracker

Name Y1 Smart fitness
Compatibility iOS 7. 0 & Android 5. 0 above
Phone app JYouPro
Display 0.96-inch TFT technology
Color Black
Waterproof Watch Yes
Brand Akuti
Material Cotton
Sensor Type Wearable

The Y1 activity & fitness tracker comes with many cool features that will help you, your kids, and family with the proper tracking of health. This device helps in heart rate accuracy through sleep monitoring to remind them to move when they're sitting or playing a game too long without getting up. With this fitness tracker, you will only receive notifications of SMS and SNS from your phone. The watch comes with a color TFT display screen that is easy to read in the blazing sun.

The camera control feature will help you in taking beautiful selfies and pictures by using a smartwatch. The exciting feature of this fitness band is the Step tracking feature, which kids will really like, and they'll be able to count their footsteps as well as challenge each other while wearing it. Overall The Y1 activity seems durable and can double for an best activity tracker when your child goes off on adventures with friends or family.

  • Dynamic Heart Rate.
  • WaterProof activity tracker.
  • Color TFT display.
  • Reminders to Move.
  • Camera control.
  • Sleep Tracking.
  • Calories Counter
  • Bit inconvenient charging method.

Garmin Forerunner 35 Bundle

Manufacturer Garmin
Colour Black
Device interface Dial
Display Type Digital Display
Connectivity technologies Bluetooth, GPS
OS Ios and Android

The watch is a GPS fitness tracker that can track your activity, which comes with long battery life. The display size of the Garmin Forerunner is 1 inch, and in the dazzling sun, the display can be easily watchable. The Gps running feature is effortless to use and can easily track how fast you are running and where you run. The watch automatically converts and uploads users' data to the Garmin fitness watch. The main tracking features of Garmin Forerunner 35 are activity tracking, estimates step counting, heart rate monitoring, GPS running, calories, intensity minutes, and a reminder that reminds you to move. This watch's beautiful features are that you get smartphone notifications on a watch display screen, automatic uploads, music control, and live tracking. The forerunner Garmin watch looks very beautiful and is the best activity tracker for tweens.

  • Always-on screen.
  • Clear Contrast Display Screen.
  • Large numbers make viewing.
  • Long battery life.
  • Monochrome screen.
  • Normal price range.
  • HR monitor works well.
  • Accurate GPS tracking.
  • Heart rate monitor.
  • Music control Basic level.

YoYoFit Health Tracker

Compatibility Bluetooth, IOS, 9.0&Android 4.4
Phone App Yes
WaterProof Yes
Color 6 colors
Display Bright Display
Supports Bluetooth Yes (IOS, Android )
WaterProof Yes

The YoYoFit gadget comes in six color design and can correctly track your activity using sensors and provide you with an accurate result and help you better understand your health. The YoYoFit multi-support mode feature will help you count footstep, Sit-Ups, Treadmill, and this watch allows you GPS tracking. Using this health gadget, you can also set the alarm. The YoYoFit IP67 waterproof design is the perfect protection for your watch, and water will not affect your watch while you and your tweens are swimming or dancing in heavy rain or washing hands. The device App is CC Band. The YoYoFit watch comes with Bluetooth (4.0, IOS 9.0&Android 4.4) connectivity, which can easily connect with your mobile device. The YoYo Slim overall, the watch is excellent for your tweens and will helpful for your managing fitness. So overall, the YoYoFit is the best activity tracker for tweens.

  • Comes in many colours.
  • Time can be set with different designs.
  • Can turned off completely.
  • Looks great.
  • Pedometer is realistic.
  • Non-compatibility with old Samsung devices like J3.
  • Display not bright.